Love on top

Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


7. Monday With Liam

Louis's POV

when we got home we all desided to go to bed even though it was only 7:30. I was going to sleep with aria again considering how sad she was. then there was a knock on the door "come in" aria said. "all the boys came in "we gotta go our perants are realy angry with us." harry said with red eyes from crying. "ok I'm guessing my mum's gonna tell me off aswell" i said looking down just as my phone rang "hello?" i said into the phone. "Louis William Tomolinson were have you been for the last 2 days" it was my mum. "I've been at liams" i relpyed blankly. "well get home right now" she said and she sounded angry. "I can't Liam's in Hospital and his mum died of a heart attack earlier thismorning and Liam's new half sister is here and she'll be alone cause all the other boy's are leaving" i explaned all in one breath. "fine but as soom as Liam is out of hospital" then she hung up. "well I guess im the only one staying" i said trying to hide my exitement. "ok then bye" all the boys said hugging aria. "What about me" i complained like a little baby. then we had a masive group hug. "bye" they called leaving the room.

Aria went over to her bag and got out a picture and sat on the bed and looked at it. "whats that Ri Ri?" i asked sitting down next to her. "Its a picture of my mum infront of the hill we were about to climb" she said starting to cry. "aww its ok" i said hugging her. we got into bed and she cried into my shirt. "louis" she said after she had carmed down abit. "yes love" i said. "I love you" she said starting to cry again. "I Love you to....Aria" i questioned. "yes" she said sniffing. "will you be my girlfriend." i asked hoping she wouldent reject. "yes" she started to cry again but this time they were happy tears


Aria's POV

Oh my god louis asked me to be his girlfriend. OMG OMG OMG. anyway I was woken up by Liam. "Liam? what are you doing here? or is this a nightmare." i said looking at him hoping it wasn't a nighmare. "no love its not a nightmare you were sleeping when i called Louis to pick me up now come down for breakfast."che said helping my up from the bed. "wait what time is it?" i asked. "its 10 why?" oh my god i slept in. "yes yes you did." oh no was i saying mythoughts again. "yes yes you are" Liam giggled. n"shut up" i said playfully slaping his arm. "mmm something smells nice" i said. "Pancakes!" I screamed as i saw a pile of them on the table. "Hello Ria did you have a nightmare lastnight?" louis said coming out of the lounge room. "no.......OH MY GOD I DIDN'T HAVE A NIGHTMARE!!!" i said jumping up and down. " ok lets eat I'm starving" liam said taking three pancakes from the pile. After we ate all the deliceos pancakes louis said he had to go. "aww but Louis" i moaned. "sorry babe you know what my mum was like last night" with that he kissed my four head said goodbye and left.


Liam's POV

after me and louis got back he told me how Aria was now his girlfriend. "so I heard that you and louis are together now" in said trying to start a convosation. she nodded and went back to eating. i was happy for her but at the same time i was a bit protective of her because she was like a true sister to me. the rest of the day we just watched movies.

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