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Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


3. Meeting the Boys

Liam's POV

The next morning I woke up next to Aria. she looked even more beautiful when she's was asleep, I grabbed my phone to look at the time "8 O'CLOCK!!!" I yelled and pretty much gave Aria a heart attack. "Sorry love i gotta get to school" "wait did you say its 8 o'clock?!" she sprinted out of the room and went into her room I'm pretty sure she went to go get changed. Then 5 minutes later i herd three knocks on the door "1 sec...come in" I said pulling my shirt over my head "Liam what school do you go to?" "St Michael's Why?" she paused "just wondering" she was wearing navy blue skinny jeans and t-shirt with a cream cardigan. I think she saw i was staring cause she looked down and blushed. "you look beautiful"wow so cheesy Liam so cheesy "really?" she blushed again "now one has ever called me beautiful before...besides my mum" The last bit she didn't want me to hear i went over and hugged her "well I would be surprised if they didn't call you beautiful" "Aria, Liam you don't wanna be late for school!" my mum yelled from down stares. my mum had cooked pancakes and when Aria saw the stack of pancakes her face was priceless. Aria grabbed a pancake from the top and started nibbling on it she looked so cute like that. 


Aria's POV

"Kerry these pancakes are delicious" I said wile nibbling on a pancake. I caught Liam staring at me again "what?" I asked witch snapped him out of his gaze "nothing just...thinking". After we finished breakfast we went to school and I'm surprised i hadn't noticed Liam round...well i tried not to look at people because of the bullying then all the memories came back about him, Liam must have seen me looking scared "you alright love?" I paused and thought if I should tell him about my past, no i shouldn't me would think I'm using him "yeah" i replied.when we got to school all i could hear was names getting called out at me. Liam looked at me as if to say 'dont worry it will be fine'. "Liam!" I heard someone call out. "oh hey Niall... oh umm Niall this is aria, Aria this is Niall" "h-hi N-Niall" I said stuttering. "Nice to meet you Aria" Niall said with a Irish ascent. "hey Liam" I heard three other boys say. I hid behind Liam Because I don't really like meeting new people. "oh hey guys this is...Aria love are you ok" Liam said and luckily the bell rang. "umm boys ill be in in a minute" Liam said with that they nodded and walked off.


Liam's POV

I got really worried when she hid behind me "Aria are you alright?"I said "ugh Liam Ive never had friends before and well I really want to be friends with them but for me all at once its hard" then I remembered from last night that she told me that i was her only friend. " its ok love how about after each class ill introduce you to one of them an then at lunch we can talk all together" I thought that was a great idea because there i three classes in the morning. "ok but we better get to class". in class I wrote her a note asking 'what are all your classes in order' and she wrote back 'math, english, History, lunch, science, drama and art free period is music.' 'same!' "Mr Payne are you passing notes" "yes sir" I replied to the teacher " I'm giving you a warning because your usually a good student."

After class I thought i would Introduce Aria to Louis because he loves making friends. "LOUIS" i called out to get his attention "louis tho aria, Aria this is louis." "hi aria nice to meet you" louis held out his hand to shake. "h-hi Louis n-nice to meet you to" "I gotta get to class cya" louis said walking away. After he turned the corner I said "good job aria" "thanks I feel proud of my self"


Aria's POV


I felt so proud of my self until they came there the ones who made me cut myself and hate my life. they were the barbie dolls as i liked to call them all the boys loved them cause the were the most popular girls ,marry, lola and terri in the school but liam had no idea what the do to me"oh god here come the barbie dolls" i said under my breath. Liam looked at me confused "oh hey Liam... what are you doing with that... slut?"they lola (the leader of the group) said " Oi  no one calls my Aria a slut you hear me!" Liam said I was amazed by how he stud up for me no one ever did that for me "wow never new how stupid you were" marry said in  american voice. they turend around and walked the other way "later losers"terri called out before they disappeared "oh my god i never new how bad it was towards you" Liam said wile hugging me "Liam lets talk about it later and get to class.

after class Liam said to wait outside the boys bathroom. then i herd screaming "but Li Li I haven't finished doing my hair!" a boy with black hair with a bit of blond at the front and leather jacket said "oh it looks fine plus i want you to meet my friend...Zayn this is aria, aria this is zayn" "h-hi Zayn" i said first OMG OMG OMG I'm so proud of myself "hey aria love to talk but gotta go finish doing my hair" "ok bye zayn....ugh Liam why does he love his hair so much?" i asked after zayn had left. "oh he's just vane."


Liam's POV

"c'mon lets go to class" i said as we walk towards our history class. "oh hi Niall" aria said with confidence. "hi Aria you seem more confident now why's that love?"she looked at me then at Niall "ugh ill tell everyone at lunch...oh and Liam that reminds me who am i meeting next?"she said smiling at me oh my god i loved that smile "ugh harry....oh god." i looked at Niall he was thinking the same thing he was gonna hit on my aria. "whats wrong with harry?"she asked "oh nothing nothing" Niall replied as we entered the class. after the boring text we had done we met up with harry. "ugh harry" i said wile looking at him as if to say 'no flirting' he nodded and said "hi I'm harry and you must be... aria" "yes yes i am nice to meet you harry" she said shaking harry's hand, by then i was so proud of her she was so confident. "hi Li Li hi Ria" "Ria?" i asked questionably. "yeah Ria we thought she needed a nickname to" Louie said with a smile "yay i like that name" aria said giggling. we went to the cafeteria to have lunch. "so aria how did you and Li meet?" Zayn said braking the silence. "ugh" i looked at aria for an explanation. "well we met in a park and and had no were to go so Liam said I could stay with him and I'm surprised that i haven't seen any of you round school...wait have you heard about ariliea?" aria said. "um we have heard of ariliea" Niall said "is that you?" zayn Questioned "wait wait wait So you the one that got raped and stabbed by that guy i forgot his name....Kane?" i said. the look on her face when  said that name was as if as all the memories were coming back to her. her eyes started to water. "I'm sorry we didn't mean  to upset you" louis said giving her a hug. she shook her head as if to get all her thoughts out of her head "anyway that was in the past so it doesn't matter." i put an arm around her. "ouch hey... oh god not the barbie dolls" she moaned. everyone was confused. "hey aren't you supposed to be sitting in a corner you loner" one of them said and then there was laughter coming from their table. wile aria explained to the boys about the barbie doll thing i pissed them off and it felt good cause no one and i mean no one messes with my aria. " aww I'm sorry ria, if we new more about you back then we would have supported you cause thats what friends are for. isn't that right boys" harry said. "wait did you say friends?" aria asked. "yeah why wouldn't we be friends" Niall questioned. "well its just...I've actually never had friends until now". she admitted. after a long conversation an carrots and food  (for Niall's and louis' sake) we went to class. the rest of the day was pretty boring. after school we went shopping and bought 2 pairs of pjs and 4 sets of clothe we went home.



hi guys hope you like the chapter it took at least two hours please comment. luv yo guts-Dory x





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