Love on top

Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


9. Her Dad

Liam's POV

After breakfast the boys and I decided to tell Aria about moving schools. "umm Aria" I said trying to get her attention "yes Li Li" she said with a cheery voice. "well me and the  boys were thinking..." I trailed off. "umm Im sorry I didn't quit catch that" she said pushing me. "we were gonna..." I started to trail off but then Niall butted in and said "what his trying to say that we are all gonna be moving schools so you don't get hurt anymore." Aria just stood their but then she started jumping around saying "thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!" "Aria, Love sit down you're not supposed to be jumping and were are your crutches?" Zayn said looking around. "now that you mention it I'm now sore, ouch" she said sitting down. "typical" Harry mumbled then everyone started laughing. Then we herd gun shots. "WERE IS THAT DAUGHTER OF MINE!" we herd someone shout. "I looked over at Aria who was scared out of her life. "louis go take Aria up stairs and Harry call the cops" I said barely above whisper. Then we heard loud banging on the door. "OPEN THE DOOR YOU LITTLE RUNTS" harry had just finished calling the police but Louis and Aria were still down stairs frozen from shock  "go!" I half whispered half yelled. Louis lifted up Aria and ran up stairs.  Me ,Niall, zayn and harry looked at each other with worried looked then the front room window smashed. We ran to get what ever we could find to Protect ourselves. I grabbed a frying pan, Niall grabbed a metal bat, Harry grabbed a golf club and Zayn stood in a ninja pose.


Harry's POV

Just then Tony came round the corner holding a knife. "were is she?!" He practical yelled. "were's who?" i asked trying to sound like I didn't know who he was looking for. "I know your faking no WERE IS SHE!!!" I looked at the other boy's but then realise Liam wasn't there. I Could tell they were thinking the same thing then he run at Niall and stabbed him. "NIALL!" Zayn yelled rushing over to him the BANG Tony hit the ground with a loud thump. It was Liam "now I know why thies are so useful Harry" he said smirking like an idiot. "Guy's now not the Time for this" Zayn said nearly in tears. "Niall c'mon mate wake up" Liam said with Tears rolling down his cheeks. "Louis Aria get down hear quick!" I yelled. They didn't come down. So I ran up stairs to find Louis laying on the floor stabbed and aria knocked out naked. "LIAM!" I yelled then he came rushing into the room. "Louis!!!" I said slapping his face. "Aria please please please wake up your the only family I have left please" Liam said sobbing. I got out my phone and called the ambulance then i took off my jacket and covered Louis's wound so no more blood could escape.


Liam's POV

When the ambulance came and took aria away I didn't want to leave her. "NO, I WONT TO STAY WOTH HER" I screamed as they shut the ambulance doors and drove away. I slid down and my knees and sobbed almost screaming. "she'll be fine mate C'mon lets get you to the hospital so after they do what they need to do you can sit with her" Zayn said trying to calm me down just as the police left with Tony. Once Harry drove u to the hospital I got out and ran to the font desk. "may I help you sir?" the lady at the front desk said. "I'm looking for Aria Payne" I said out of breath jut as the boys got their. "floor three room 219" she said with a smile. We walked into the elevator and I pressed the button to get to floor 3. "I hope they Will be ok" Zayn said braking the silence I just nodded. we walked around the third floor looking for room 219. we went to an information desk and asked if e could go in the lady said we could but we have to be very quiet. when we walked in the doctor was just finishing doing tests on Louis. "oh hello there are you here to see Miss Payne?" he questioned. I nodded and then he said "I'm sorry but she is in a critical condition and is in a comer. I was literally about to scream when louis woke up "we-were am I" he said in a half asleep tone. "your in the hospital'' Harry replied. you could tell he was really concerned. "oh ok" he said going back to sleep.

"who are you?" we herd a Irish accent say. "Niall we literally yelled. 'shush" the doctor said before leaving the room. "so thats my name?" Niall said looking at us as If to say 'who the hell are you people' "Niall do you remember me I'm Liam your best mate" I said almost in tears. He shook his head. I felt a tear go down my cheek but I wiped it away before anyone could see. Just then we heard beeping coming from louis's heart monitor."Doctor quick" Harry yelled down the hall then 4 people took louis out the room and put him in the operating room. "lo-lo-louis he-he can't die" harry said sobbing into his hands


Aria's POV

All I can remember was Jack (my dads friend) putting tape over my mouth then stabbing louis then rapping me. I woke up in a black pit from what I could see. I could here slow beeping it was like i was in a hospital then I herd a bunch of boy's enter the room "Aria" I herd someone yell than grab my hand. I couldn't move it was as if I was paralysed then I herd the doctor i think it was say that i was in a comer. "we-were am I" I herd someone say. LOUIS! he's ok thank god. "your in the hospital" i herd Harry I think it was. "oh ok" louis said before I herd loud beeping. "doctor!" I herd Harry yell then people come in and out. "lo-lo-louis he-he can't die" I herd people start sobbing. No... he he can't die I need him please don't louis stay with me. GET ME OUT I tried screaming but it was no use. Then I could hear talking but not that well anymore so i decided I would try sleep.


Niall's POV

"so my name's Niall I love food and singing and you guys are Zayn... Liam... and Harrison?" "harry" the so called Harry said correcting me after they told me about louis and....ari aria ria I don't know something like that Harry and Zayn went to go get my so called favourite food nando's. After eating that delicious food I remembered something. "guys I think I remember one time we were at nando's and we got into a food fight and then we weren't allowed i that Nando store again." Their faces lit up but Liam's didn't he was still sitting next to Aria. "Liam mate are you all right?" I asked"yeah its just... If I lose her I wont have any family left" he said trying not to cry. "I'm sorry that your mum died well all of us are but remember you will always have us>" I said feeling proud of myself. "he-hehe remembered harry said with an astonished face witch made everyone laugh. "guy's I remember everything just not why I'm in hospital" I said still not knowing why I was here. After hours of talking the boys fell asleep on the couch.

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