Love on top

Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


8. A Day Without Anyone

Aria's POV

I woke up at 7 to get ready for school "hey love umm do you mind if non of us boys come to school we gotta do some stuff" Liam said entering the hallway when I was about to leave. my heart sank I was ganno be alone at school again. "oh o-ok" i said with my wobbly  voice. "I'll drop you off at school though" he said as we left the house. "bye love I'll see you after school and I'll pick you up" he said kissing my cheek. "bye" I said hopping out of his car. as soon as I walked in the hallway i heared wispers then  Marry calls out. "See guys I told you she was only paying them to do that" then everyone started laughing. I looked up then pain hit my face and I fell on the floor from someone punching me in the face. "haha bitch go and cry in a corner" lola shouts going back to her friends. I get up off the floor when Terri came over "Oi bitch I thought we told you to sit in a corner" she yelled in my face. "piss off Terri" i whispered hoping she didn't hear that. "what you say bitch?!" she said punching me in the face so i fell on the floor again. she started puching and kicking till I was coffing up blood. "Aria!!!" i heard Zayn shout. "Zayn help me!" i screeched. but then everything went black.

# 3 hours later 

I woke up in the middle of the hallway were I blacked out I had blood dripping from my nose. With all the strength I had I got to the bathroom and cleaned myself up a bit. I looked at my phone witch now had a scratch on the screen it was 3 so i thought i would leave now. I got outside and saw Liam waiting in his car already. He saw the state I was in and jumped out his car and cought  me just when I fainted. I woke up in my bed with the boys surrounding me. "Aria,love are you all right"  Liam said noticing that i was awake. "y-yer I'm fine" I said trying to get up but wincing in pain."babe we gotta get you to a hospital" louis said looking concerned. I just nodded. As I tried to get up I fell on my bed in pain. "here let me help you" Niall said picking me up bridal style. Once we got to the hospital Niall carried me in. the nurses took me to a room were they took an ex-ray.


Harry's POV

When the doctor came out with the ex-ray he said she had two broken rib bones and a broken leg. "aria will be able to go home in an hour. we will get put a cast on her leg and as for her ribs they will heal, she's just not allowed to do anything active." the doctor said returning to her room. "umm guys" Zayn said. "her bullying is really bad but.... I think she spotted me when i was watching her et bullied I had the urge to help her but i couldn't" we all looked down in sorrow when an Idea hit me. "well we could all move schools" I stated. They all agreed and though we should explain it to our parents all together. Just then Aria came out on crutches "Hi guys" she had bruises and cuts all over her and she had a navy blue cast "Hi, how do you feel" I asked. "sore" she simply replied. "c'mon lets go home" Liam said as we started walking. the car ride home everyone was asking what happened after she explained. we got home and watched movies for the rest of the day. 



Hi my little potatoes :P I wanna make a shout out to LovelyDevine07  is a great writer and i hope you would go check her out . thanks and I hope you like this chapter bye little chicken wings ;P - Dory<3

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