It has been 3 years since the boys last spoke to/saw her.
Her life has been going from to the bottom to the stairs to the top;
while the boys' career is going down like a snowball.

'Her', meaninglessly the person they urge to meet. The girl that changed their life: Angie.

But one problems caused her to pull yet let her self in their magnetism power

Will she forgive them?


2. How It All Started (Prolouge)

'NO! This can't be, she's still alive! Please! Help her-'

'I'm truly sorry Mr. Styles, but I can't; she's gone.'

Paul and Martin came in, tugging my Harry's as they are separating him Angie together.

'Please no! Let go of me!'

But too late. He was already at the door. He tried to struggle out of Paul and Martin's grip but they are too strong to handle.

At that time, Harry thought all about the things he has done to Angie..

He regretted all he things he did wrong to Angie.

Like breaking her heart.

All he can feel was guiltiness.

He took a last glance to the room where Angie was held.

'Goodbye' he whispers as tears rundown his cheeks. He know if Angie was here she would wipe the tear off, make him forget all of the negative things.

But again, too late.










Or is it?










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