It has been 3 years since the boys last spoke to/saw her.
Her life has been going from to the bottom to the stairs to the top;
while the boys' career is going down like a snowball.

'Her', meaninglessly the person they urge to meet. The girl that changed their life: Angie.

But one problems caused her to pull yet let her self in their magnetism power

Will she forgive them?


1. Author's Note:

Hey Guys :)

Just saying this is my third time trying to write a fanfiction

And if you go to my profile you'll see I've publish two more other Fanfic:

and they were a fail.

So basically, on the blurb it says that 'it has been 3 years since' blah and blah meet and stuff

You may been thinking this is a sequel.

It's not

So unlike other fanfic:

I'm going from the back to the front

Strange right?

I know, but I'm trying to make this fanfic a lot more unique

And so the sequel to this is how they met the first time

They as I mean the boys and the girl

So hope you enjoy this fanfic

and also I might not be updating every week

because I have school

Last thing

If anything doesn't make sense or there's any mistakes:

I'm sorry and I love you <3

Alysha xxx

Tumblr: hellohorun



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