It has been 3 years since the boys last spoke to/saw her.
Her life has been going from to the bottom to the stairs to the top;
while the boys' career is going down like a snowball.

'Her', meaninglessly the person they urge to meet. The girl that changed their life: Angie.

But one problems caused her to pull yet let her self in their magnetism power

Will she forgive them?


3. *!A/N!*

Well I'm back guys!

and I'm really sorry for the late update

Umm yeah I was quite busy back then so I didn't have a chance to post anything

but in that time I had planned the story so i was really happy

So how are you guys?

I'm feeling quite good today

I guess good mood keeps me 'updated'


anyways i will be updating each week

ohh godd im so tired

But back to the subject

So you know right? (btw check out their web)

so i was planning to post this story there and i needed to make a banner

but i couldn't

so if anybody wants to make a banner for me

feel free to coz ill give you a reward

by fav all your story and checking them out

contact me at tumblr

love you all and stay strong :)

xxx Alysha

 Tumblr: helloharun

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