The Girl with Violet Eyes and The Boy with a Voice

This is my first original story about a boy named Zayden. I hope you like it! :)
Also this novel has nothing to do with one Direction..


4. Flashback uno. Yay! Learning! Math and Spanish! (Uno=1)

It was eleven years ago. When I was five.   "Mom stop!" I yelled at her while chocking on my tears, but she didn't slow down at all. I kept hearing the terrible whipping noise right before feeling a burning sensation.   I clung to Patch the teddy bear. My only friend. I looked into his only remaining button eye. I found him like that in the garbage, one button eye and a few patches of fur missing. But I loved him none the less.   Finally my mom stopped, after what felt like an hour. I tilted my head just enough, from my laying face-down-body-on-the-bed, to her silhouette facing the hall. She was in the doorway of my completely dark room, a ruler in hand. The ruler she held was covered in both, dry and fresh blood. My blood. She looked back at me and a twisted evil smile crept up on her face. Fear threatened to eat me alive.    To my relief she vanished from my doorway. Mom's creepily silent steps could barely be heard walking down the hall. Leaving me and Patch alone in my room, with it's painted walls peeling and my bed being the only furniture in the room.   I put my hand to my back to feel where the burning pain was coming from on my back. I felt several scabs, some newly opened, few scratches were scattered on my back. Then that's when I felt the wound the size of a hockey puck on the small of my back. I winced and felt a shiver of pain when I touched the blood flowing wound.   

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