The Girl with Violet Eyes and The Boy with a Voice

This is my first original story about a boy named Zayden. I hope you like it! :)
Also this novel has nothing to do with one Direction..


7. Flashback duos

I got out of the bus and started walking around the city to get my bearings. 
I finally was free from my mom's grasp.
I walked up to a light blue painted building where there was a sign attached to the glass door of the building.
In bright yellow words on a red background it read: Special! Work as entertainer get an apartment free!

I smiled and ripped the flyer off the door and ran inside. Once inside I saw a wooden desk and a lady in a gray dress behind it.
"Hi." I said happily, leaning on the  heavy desk.
"I would like to apply to this" I continued, putting the flyer on the desk in front of her. She looked through the top of her glasses which were at the tip of her nose.
"Fill out this form" she instructed me, and handed me a clipboard.

Thirty minutes later I filled out everything and handed the clipboard back to her.
"I will call you as soon as I look over the form." She said, looking at the top of the clipboard then continued "Mr. Espinosa"
"Thanks!" I said and I meant it.
Lucky for me I had taken my mom's cellphone that she use to use for work with me when I ran away.

Later after walking a few blocks I arrived at a small mom and pop grocery store.
It was a brick building with small glass windows in the front, but you couldn't see past the advertisements that covered the glass. Inside was lined with wooden shelves and small box freezers.
It had a very warm feel to it. Like the family that owned it was close.

I picked up the basket that was for costumers at the door and started grabbing everything I needed off the shelves. Putting it in the basket.

I was on the last item I wanted, body wash that smelled like mint and spices, when a girl came up to me.
"Hi!" She said "I'm Alex Marsh, the daughter of the owner of this store, Scott Marsh. Nice to meet you." She said smiling, and leaning against a shelf. Then she pointed to me, a gesture that said "your turn."
"Hi, I'm Zayden." I gave a small grin that almost made her lose her balance.
"That's a cool name." She said flirtatiously.
"Hey, how about this, I pay for your stuff if you take me on a date. Deal?" She reckoned.
What do I have to lose? I Was going to steal the groceries, but why risk it?

"Deal." I said and smiled.
Alex practically jumped for joy.
After we checked out and I was about to leave Alex said "Call me!" And winked.
"I will." I said and returned the gesture, then left. ;)

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