The Girl with Violet Eyes and The Boy with a Voice

This is my first original story about a boy named Zayden. I hope you like it! :)
Also this novel has nothing to do with one Direction..


11. Chapter 9

I just ran. Buildings flew by me on either sides of the road. I ran on the sidewalk, accidentally bumping a few people on the way.   I turned a sharp right and tripped on a rock that was logged deep in the dirt path I was on. I scrambled to get up and continued to run. I took another right and found it. An abandoned warehouse. I had seen it a few days ago when I was on my way to band practice. Long story..   It was a big rusty metal shack with leftover building materials inside. Nails, wood, and scrap metal all in various conditions was scattered around the ground.   I ran to a empty corner, hugged my legs, and cried. I couldn't handle it. I need to.   I only had one question continually repeat in my mind. Why?   An hour later my tears had dried and I was walking to Austin's house for practice, and comfort. He's my best friend.   I crossed the street and walked past a alley, when I heard a scream. I jogged back to the alley and saw a girl with straight waist length brown hair and actual violet eyes. she looked to be about 15. She was beautiful!  With her were four bulky men all dressed in black clothes. It didn't take long before I knew what was happening.  She was being mugged! :O
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