The Girl with Violet Eyes and The Boy with a Voice

This is my first original story about a boy named Zayden. I hope you like it! :)
Also this novel has nothing to do with one Direction..


6. Chapter 5

Me and Alex settled for a little cafe on the corner of Maple and Oak St. We sat at a little, round, metal table outside. I sat across from her, staring into her chocolate brown eyes.  I was in a trance. @_@ Alex ignored her black waves falling in her face when she talked. I suddenly snapped out of the trance when she said something that almost made me fall backwards off my chair.   "I really hate to do this to you after earlier." She said slowly, then took a sip of her herbal tea." But I think we should see other people."   I couldn't believe a word she was saying!   She is- No. Was- one of the very few people I trusted. Along with Austin, my best friend, and Rachel, my sister. (Check flashback duos to see how me and Alex met)   My mom and now Alex! What the heck did I do to deserve this?   I just ran to my apartment without saying a word to her. Luckily my apartment was three blocks away from the cafe on Emerald St.   I just ran into my room, slammed my door, and collapsed on my bed.

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