The Girl with Violet Eyes and The Boy with a Voice

This is my first original story about a boy named Zayden. I hope you like it! :)
Also this novel has nothing to do with one Direction..


3. Chapter 3

After our band -Nameless Journey, Wahoo!- preformed, I remembered going to eat at a diner called "The Cowboy Shack" (I dare you to guess the theme) With my girlfriend Alex. Upon arriving I saw. Great! (insert a sarcastic tone here)   My mom. She was wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans with a big belt buckle, waiting on tables.    Bad. It meant she had a job in my city.   Worse. It meant she had to live close by.   Okay confession time! I ran away six months ago (look at flashback chapter uno for details). I had to run. I had to fulfill my dream. A dream I kept since I was four-years-old. How long had I kept my dream you ask? Do the math. I'm sixteen.  Done? Yes twelve years (if you didn't do the math and simply read the answer I say. Screw you lazy!). What is my dream?  Continue reading to find out! :P   Was our band that popular that she heard about me and my location? I wondered   She lived two freaking cities away!   "Is that your mom?" Alex asked wide-eyed "She hasn't changed since that picture you showed me." Out of politeness I didn't shove her and make a run for it. I'm so nice! C:   "Yeah. Lets go. Right now!" I told her, hoping my voice didn't sound as scared as I felt.    We started to walk out the door, but I froze when I heard my name being called... By my mom.   "Zayden!" I slowly turned around and saw my mom running towards me.   Crap!  

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