The Girl with Violet Eyes and The Boy with a Voice

This is my first original story about a boy named Zayden. I hope you like it! :)
Also this novel has nothing to do with one Direction..


14. Chapter 12

I walked to the garage of Austin's white two-story house, and knocked on the thick tin sheet. Austin slid the garage door up and smiled hugely when he saw me, but it soon faded when he saw the condition of my face and clothes. "Wha-what Happen?!" He almost yelled with shock in his voice. "I'll explain everything later when everyone is together." I told him. "Okay." He said with a sigh.   I entered the garage which was full of musical instruments, a couch, and a few chairs. Everyone, except Austin and Liam, stopped practicing their instruments when they saw me. Then their mouths dropped, forming a wide O. "Okay, okay. I'll tell you guys what happened." I said, and everyone took a seat, including me.   After I explained what had happened in the alley Riley said "Aw dude! You should date that chick!"  Everyone nodded in agreement, making me blush. "Are you SURE she had real violet eyes? Because I've never herd of that." Asked Austin. "Yes I'm sure, and haven't you guys heard of Elizabeth Taylor? She had violet eyes." I said. Everyone was silent clearly they've never heard of Elizabeth. It made me feel really awkward.. Can we start practice now?" Red asked, breaking the silence. "Sure." Austin said with a shrug.
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