Vampires (One Direction Love Story)

Well I am guessing all of you know One Direction. If you haven't. Where have you been. Well everyone knows One Direction as normal teenage lads and well they aren't. They are vampires. Also there 5 other best friends. What happens when a new evil is born and they boys fall in love? Read more and find out.


1. 1

The girls and I were backstage at the boys concert. Yes we are 1D's best friends. Have been for years. We are vampires. We don't kill humans we drink packet blood. Since we know someone in the hospital and the blood they don't use. A person gives us. The girls and i were dancing and singing along to the songs. Yes we can sing. Dance not so much. Once the boys finished. We hugged them. Harry and I hugged. We have been friends longer than anyone else here. We pulled away. Harry looked at me. We turned back to the others.


Once we got home. We sat in front of the TV drinking hot chocolate. Man it was nice. Everyone was cuddled up together. We were all laughing when. I dropped my cup. "Jade?" Harry asked. My eyes changed purple. Which meant I was getting a vision. Once it finished. I blinked like 10 times. "Jade what did you see?" Louis asked. I looked around. "Someone is going to die" I whispered. Liam cleaned up the mess. I hate having visions sometimes. Right down to our powers. Me I have visions, all elements, teleportation, speed, strength, hearing, great sense of smell, healing and Life. Daniella has fire, blowing up things, speed, hearing, great sense of smell and healing.


Ashley has the power of death,speed, strength, hearing, great sense of smell and healing. Bailey has the power of light, bringing the past back to haunt people, speed, strength, hearing, great sense of smell and healing. Sapphire has the power of water, speed, strength, hearing, great sense of smell and healing. Harry has the power of Air, inflicting pain on others, reading others emotions, speed, strength, hearing, great sense of smell and healing. Louis has the power of spirit, playing jokes on humans and other evil creatures, speed, strength, hearing, great sense of smell and healing.


Niall is a new vampire so he hasn't got his powers yet. He will get them soon. He's a fleshing lets say. He has to drink human blood and become a vampire. But he won't. He doesn't like to hurt people. If he doesn't. He's stays a fleshing forever. Zayn has the power of energy (can take peoples energy and souls), phasing, speed, strength, hearing, sense of smell and healing. "Come on Jade you need to rest you are weak after these" Zayn said. I shook my head. "No. I will get the full one tonight. It always happens. I hate it" I snapped.


Everyone in the room gasped as I said it. I rolled my eyes and walked off. I got into my room and sat on the bed. They don't know what its like getting visions every single day. When i am in the middle of something. People always call me a weirdo. I got bullied a lot through school because of it. They didn't understand what was going on. My parents wouldn't tell me. Yes I am a born vampire. So is Harry. We are the only pure bloods left. The others are all half bloods. Which means they got turned 500-300 years ago. I yawned. Laying on my pillow and falling asleep.



Harry's POV


I stood up and went to check on Jade since she was gone for a while. I got to her room and knocked. No answer. I opened her door and found Jade asleep. I smiled and walked over. Grabbing the bottom sheets over her. "Night Jade" I whispered. I went to walk out. "Don't leave" Jade mumbled. I did what she said and laid next to her. Holding her tight. "Night beautiful" I whispered and fell asleep.

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