For the first time

Warning: Does contain sexual content.


1. Getting ready

Harlee's POV: "Oh god, why now!?" I yelled as i was rummaging through my wardrobe. "What now!?" Harry shouted, "My Vans, I can't find them!" I said as Harry walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. "Have you checked on the front deck?" Harry asked, "Uhh, no. I will now." I exclaimed as I kissed him on the cheek. We had to be at a barbecue in about five minutes and we still hadn't left out pent house.


Harry's POV: I cant wait for the night to take off, I get to see my band mates and after that I have Harlee all to myself. But I kept  thinking about Harlee while i was waiting, we'd been together for a month. Everything has been great, but i still haven't gotten to do some other stuff with her yet . "Harry? Harry?" Harlee asked as she was grabbing the keys. "Huh-oh-ye-yeah?" I stuttered while snapping out of my thoughts . Harlee tilted her head and smiled, "Come on babe, We're going to be late." She came and grabbed my hand to lug me out the door.



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