kiss me i'm irish

Young Adam lives in his own stupid teenage world. When will he ever wake up and smell the pimple cream? And what is the truth behind all the lies about his fake irish girlfriend Moose?
Is Moose a real name anyway?


4. Zealand J'Adore

She was sixteen, bright and by the expression on her small pug-looking face, I assumed it was her first ever date. Zealand J'Adore was her name, and just like Mia she was passionate about her likes. But not as totally extravagant as Mia Queen with her pony earrings with the real hair. The only negative was she was ten inches taller and hadn't shaved her legs. She was in flats with what I thought looked like a cheap church gown with bows in her hair like some 1940's twelve year old. I winked at her and she shivered. Unlike Mia, Zealand was very hard-featured. Her eyelids sagged quite noticably over her eyes like was forever sleeping and it was hard for me to tell if she was happy, sad...alive. I had to raise my voice a few times over the breadsticks for her to make a reaction.

I went back to Gena, furious with her or otherwise, MY choice of woman. I listed the issues with my fingers.
"She eats with her mouth open, she looks like she's always sleeping, she's taller and has hairy legs despite the fact she's SIXTEEN! She wore a church dress to dinner with flats not high heels and she's not even pretty. Douglas isn't going to believe me. Oh and better yet...." I said with acute sarcasm, "...she's not irish and has no scottish or irish or whatever accent my fake girlfriend needs."
Gena looked at me and grinned.
"I didn't know how high your expectations are. You're never going to find the 'perfect' girl because they don't exist. You'll have to make do with whoevers on the list."
"Well I'm definitely crossing Zealand off the list because she does not make the cut anywhere."
Gena said no more. Just nodded with what I thought was agreement or maybe disappointed but who cared? I sure as hell didn't. In the end it's my desicion and both Mia Queen and Zealand J'Adore weren't going to be Moose.


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