kiss me i'm irish

Young Adam lives in his own stupid teenage world. When will he ever wake up and smell the pimple cream? And what is the truth behind all the lies about his fake irish girlfriend Moose?
Is Moose a real name anyway?


13. Time to Finish this

I had to face it. Without Gena I didn't know where to find Emily Harrison--or how to ask her. There was no Moose. I couldn't force someone to pretend to be some idea I'd creative. It was time this stupid facade ended. I had to clean up my stupid mess. And put on my stupid big boy pants and get to work.
Firstly. I had to tell my friends I'd lied. I'd have to apology for lying--be the bigger man. Of course they'd laugh at me . . . call me a pussy. But I had to do it. I didn't have to, but if I was every going to be Gena's friend again, I had to make an effort. I couldn't just go the easy way like I've always done.
Secondly. I had to apologise to all the dates I'd dumped. Mia, Zealand, Clara, Reilly. And Gena.
No. I couldn't. I'd look like a baby. I'd look like . . . a girl.
I wasn't apologising to no one. I wasn't telling my friends. I'd just say that I broke it off with Moose and take whatever blow I got next from Douglas.
I was over it. The lying--the hating. Maybe Gena just had to calm down. Maybe I just needed to give her all the time she needed.
And Douglas--and my other mates. I suppose they didn't really care. Only Douglas cared and I would just have to tell him it didn't work out. I had to come up with something.
It was Monday today. School. Hmph.
The day was pretty clear. I was at school at eight thirty--tired as always from sleeping in, if that made sense.
Gena was standing with a bunch of her friends--I think their names were Jessica and Indy. 
Douglas was nowhere, and I could finally breathe. Jackson--one of my friends raced up to me and guffawed.
"Hey dude, how's life?"
"Awesome!" I caressed my cheek thoughtfully. He watched me with bulging eyes.
"Everything good, bro?" He clarified. 
"Yeah--I've never been  better, man."
Next Eddie and Rob raced to my flanks and lifted me up by my hammys. 
"Duuudee!!" They chorused. I laughed. They put me down.
"What's this about?" I prompted.
They giggled like schoolgirls. 
"Five girls, hey?" Eddie cackled.
"Five . . . girls?" I was confused.
"You went out with those five girls? Oh man, we know Moose isn't real. Dude, we knew all along."
"What?" My heart was beating in my ears so loudly, I was getting a headache.
"We've been spying on you and your dates. Gena was telling us where you'd be and everything. It was a massive joke, man."
"A . . . joke? Like  . . . a prank?" I was immediately embarressed.
"Don't feel bad--but it was funny." Eddie chuckled. 
Out of the corner of my eye, Gena glanced at us. A smile pulled at the corners of her mouth, but it was a painful smile. She was in pain. Because of me.
"You were going to buy a suit!" Jackson caterwauled.
"Were . . . were the girls in on it?"
"You mean the girls you were set up with. Yes. And they put on the accents. Gena told us from the very beginning. She didn't want to really help you dude. We gave her the list of girls we knew amongst us and gave it back to her to give to you. Ahaha it was funny, man! Douglas got a hoot out of beating the crap out of you! Gena played along with the hit. Ahahaha, man, your face!" 
"Whoa." I absorbed what they were telling me, slowly, and painfully. Although everything had been a prank--I'd still hurt Gena.
But she'd kind of hurt me. She had . . . lied to me. All this time.
"Gena . . . she  . . . you . . . you wrote the list of girls?"
"Yep. Dude your so gullable!" Eddie teased.
I shrugged.
Gena was shrugging too, her eyes looking sorely into mine as I looked over at her, Indy and Jessica. Indy and Jessica were too busy chatting away about something unimportant to each other to notice Gena wasn't listening.
Eddie and Jackson couldn't stop laughing as we walked to first period.
Gena held her gaze on me. I mirrored her nervous gaze. 
"Hold on guys, I have to do something," I paused at the front cherry doors, my mates hovered around me. I had this feeling that I needed to say something to her. Just anything. 
Gena looked away from me suddenly--guessing my intensions.
I turned back around to leave and hesitated again.
"Coming, Adam?" Eddie hoped. 
I looked back at Gena. She was suddenly engrossed in her friend-triangle's conversation. She was gazing at Indy. Her hair whipped up like a leaf-blower was directed at her face.
"Yep." I answered. I turned my back and drifted into the dark, smelly, claustrophobic school halls. "Let's go."




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