kiss me i'm irish

Young Adam lives in his own stupid teenage world. When will he ever wake up and smell the pimple cream? And what is the truth behind all the lies about his fake irish girlfriend Moose?
Is Moose a real name anyway?


10. The Porcelein doll

Gena was beautiful. Should I feel shame for thinking that?
I had no idea what to say. Her face was chalk-white in foundation, black eye liner ringed her eyes. She looked like a cute Porcelain doll with curled hair and a septum ring.
However her septum peircing was a bar.
"Hey," She whispered hardly, curling her loose fring behind her ear. She squared her shoulders as she frowned--waiting for my delayed response.
"Hey," I answered, trying my best to sound neutral. Her hair glowed beneath the neon McDonalds sign, her choice of resturant.
"Hungry?" I prompted.
"Yeah," She laughed. "Hungry."
"Should we go in?"
"Well--this is the resturaunt, right?"
"Yeah--that's why I didn't dress up." I looked down at my Nike sneakers and jeans that were too small and revealed my socks.
"Didn't have time to buy new pants? I thought I bought you a suit?"
"Nope--wasn't wearing it."
"Why?" Gena looked offended. Not because I wasn't wearing the suit, but because I wasn't wearing it on a date with her.
"It's nothing personal, Gena. I just don't do--suits."
She laughed--which suprised me. But it was a cold, dark laugh. A laugh that didn't quite hide her disappointment.
"Let's go in then," I suggested, feeling quite ashamed of myself. Why couldn't I have just worn the suit? I looked like such a dag. Gena was munching on her lip as we walked into the air conditioned resturaunt. It was quite--unsual.
I sat down at a corner table with her--smiling the best I could. Gena had gone from enthused to drained. Because of me! What had I been thinking?

"What are you gonna order?" She asked--zero interest in her disgruntled tone.
"Um--not sure. Do you want--me to order?"
Gena stared me, horrified. Her expression was sore--annoyed.
"I'm not the guy!" She choked on the anger. "You've been on enough dates to know who pays and who dresses nicely for their date! You're such a--such a--such a mean--"
Gena seemed tortured. "Look--are you even interested in me?"
"Of course."
"Not in that way!" Gena shouted. Half of the resturant was looking at us now. Gena waited--embarresed--for everyone to go back to their own thing. Once they had she was off again.
"Is this a date or a night out?"
"Is there--a difference?"
Gena's eyes bulged. "Adam! If you go on a date with a million girls--it's not different to if you went out with me. It's all the same stuff. Maybe the reason you can't get a girl is because you are on. You probably except me to pay. Don't you? Forget it Adam. Why did I even cooperate? I don't want to be here. Especially with you--you--jerk!"
Gena stood and raced to the counter. "One cheeseburger please and a coke."
She turned to me. "Give me your wallet." She instructed. I obeyed, handing it to her slowly. She snatched it fiercely and grunted.
Gena gave the money to the lady and snatched the food handed to her.
"See you in school, Adam!" She shouted before she raced out with her dinner and change.

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