kiss me i'm irish

Young Adam lives in his own stupid teenage world. When will he ever wake up and smell the pimple cream? And what is the truth behind all the lies about his fake irish girlfriend Moose?
Is Moose a real name anyway?


9. Date night

So my days went quick as a camera flash and my nights lagged like a giant slug. I don't know why, but somehow it's how I felt. And a queezy stomach and a massive headache didn't help to my discomfort.
Gena had approached me on Wednesday, mad and fuming. There was practically steam bursting from her ears.
"Hi, loner!" She had sniggered at me. "So thanks for ruining your chances with Reilly. You got no suit, no cream, no makeup . . ."
"Makeup!? Why do I need makeup? And why - why do you care if I've ruined my chances with Reilly."
"I don't!" Gena snapped, rather too quickly and with defense in her tone. "I - I don't care."
"Oh, okay. So how is it you just keep planning little shopping trips and girl hunting for me?"
Gena blushed. Hot and pink.
"I - I just want to be helpful."
"Gena," I protested.
"I like hanging around you." She admitted, "It makes me feel closer to you. And I don't have any great friends. All the girls are snobs and barbies and I'm not like them."
But I knew, in her tone, her eyes and her hard blush that she had a crush, no need to sound too proud. But I could see it. I just nodded the least incredulous I could.
Gena grinned. "Don't." She whined.
"Don't what?" I panicked.
"Don't look at me like that, it's not like that. I don't have a major crush on anyone."
Did she just read my thoughts?
"Gena, would you mind not being so perceptive or whatever. And thats not what I'm thinking." Just to tip her off I added, "Now I do."
Gena blushed harder, but punched me hard in the bicep.
"Err, I hate you!" She laughed though. But her face seemed uncomfortable, and uneasy.
"Is everything alright?" I asked.
She looked up at me, simpered, then stared down at her white and red converse.
"My septum ring is infected, and mum's mad at me. I don't know what for."
"Aw ok . . . ?" I was a little stuck. "Do you have cream  . . .  or spray?"
"For the infection?"
"Oh," she laughed. "No I don't."
"Well watch out . . . ?" What was I going to say?
"Yeah, I will. Um . . . did you want to go out after school? Maybe for a burger? Or something? I don't know . . . it's not much of an invitation, but it sounded good in my head. I hear girls say it on the movies and boy . . . immediately say yeah . . ."
"Yeah." I helped. She was ranting and I knew she wouldn't stop unless I said something.
"Just so . . . I can hang out with you more." Gena added, nodding to confirm.
"Four what?"
"Four o'clock?"
"Oh," Gena laughed. "Yes!"
"Great." I smiled at her. She blushed red and the rest of her face was paper white. So her rosy cheeks stuck out.
"Aha," Gena laughed. "See you at - four."

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