First Meet

Meeting Liam was the best thing that has ever happened to you.


1. Meeting Liam

I was running late to go meet up with my friend Niall to go get some tea. He was part of a successful boyband we were get friends and today he wanted me to meet one of the member Liam. I was looking forward to see them today. I got into my car and drove for about ten minutes. I parked quickly and walked into the local tea shop. I saw Niall sitting in my back with Liam. I walked up to the table and Niall stood up and hugged me "It's been along time since we spoke or seen each other" I told him in a shy voice "I was busy on tour you know how that's gets in the way" he said with he's strong Irish accent. "Hey it's very nice to meet you" Liam said and stood up and shook my hand. We sat down and we all ordered tea. Niall and Liam talked about the whole tour and how it was. "I enjoyed meeting you and you look very stunning in you dress" Liam said shyly wich maid me smile. We got in Nialls car my and Liam sat in the back we talked for quiet a while about our interest we had very similar interest mainly music we both enjoyed signing and writing songs. When we got to Nialls apartment Harry was sitting on the couch watching football I was never really interested in football so I just went into the kitchen and checked my twitter. About ten minutes later liam sat by me and asked for my name "Mary" I said. "You have a pretty name" he said with the smile. I really enjoyed talking to him we could talk for hours if we wanted to from music to talking about different countries "Are you guys enjoying each other" Harry walked in and went to the fridge to grab a beer. "Yah I really enjoy talking to Mary" Liam said i just sat there and smiled at him. We both smiled at each other I already started growing some feels for him. "I better get going I have an interview tomorrow" Liam said and got up and grab the car keys "I can drop you off if you want" Liam asked "sure I would appericate that" we got up and I hugged Harry and Niall goodbye.

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