First Meet

Meeting Liam was the best thing that has ever happened to you.


2. Knowing Each Other

We walked outside it was raining quiet a bit."Do you want to use my sweatshirt?" Liam asked me "no it's fine" inside my head I wish I should of said yes. He opened the car door for me and he got in and drove off. "Do you live by yourself?" I asked him "Yea  it's gets quiet lonely sometimes but the boys come over every once in a while" I felt bad for him living all by himself."How about you?" he asked me." Yes I do I agree it's gets quiet lonely sometimes" I said in a quiet voice it was actually very lonely "We'll maybe you should come over sometimes" he laughed he had the best laugh ever it made me smile. He went into the parkinglot of my apartment. "How do you know I live here?" I asked him. "Niall told me don't worry I don't stalk you or anything." he told me "Well thanks for bring me home I enjoyed meeting you". I told him "Do you want me to go in with you?" he asked me "No it's fine I can go by myself im 19 not 5" I told him. "Ok but if anything happens to you I could have been the for you" he told me which only made me laugh "I'm sure bye liam!" "Bye Mary I liked meeting you today we should do this later on" he told me with a huge smile on his face. "We will" I told him. I waved goodbye and he drove off.



Doing Chapter 3 very soon.

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