Run Away Love

Makayla, Abreeanah, Savannah, meet the love of there lives. What they don't know is that it all has a twist and that not everything goes as planed. Love, disappointment, broken hearted, are some of the emotions these 3 girls feel. There friendship is put on the line. Love is beautiful until you have to choose to be happy or make everyone else happy.


2. Savannah's P.O.V

Josh was being a total jerk! He cheated one me with one of my friend's. He was walking toward me with a goofy smile. When he arrived he said:

-Hey babe, listen I'm sorry ill never do it again.

-You promise? I asked

-Ummm, you're not really gonna make me promise that right?

-That's it, were done. I said walking away

While I was walking away all of his friend were teasing him.

Makayla's P.O.V

The day past really quick which was grate because tomorrow we were going to finally meet One Direction.

The next morning me Bree and Savannah woke up supper early. We were so excited, but I think I was the most excited because  Savannah just dump her boyfriend and Bree was serious most  of the time.

-I am so excited!! AHHHHH!!!!


-Fine! I said

-C'mon Savannah loosen up a little bit. You don't wanna show up broken hearted huh? Just for today, please. Bree said

-Whatever! Savannah said while rolling her eyes

We got ready then we left. When we got there, there were  lots of people. But then we got to see the boy's. So we got to the front and they signed our C.D's

-Hi! How are you? Zayn asked Bree

-I am fine! Good, Okay. She said nervously

-Hehehe, good. Zayn said

-Hello! What's you're name? Harry asked me.

-Makayla but they call me Kayla. I said

-Kayla!? I like it. It's a nice name. he said smiling at me.

-Thanks. I said smiling back

-No problem! he said

After we got there sign we went outside and it was raining.

-Perfect, my day can't get any worst! Savannah said looking up

-MAKAYLA!!! I heard someone scream


I looked back and it was Harry

-Makayla sorry I ... I was going to ask you... if you wanted to go out with me... you know go on a first date? he said without breath.

-Really? Sure I'd  love to. I said

-Awesome meet me here at 7. he said
-Okay I will. I said looking down

- What was that about? Bree asked me

-He just asked me out!! I said happily

-Oh my god!! REALLY?

-Yes!!! I said basically screaming

Me and Bree got to the car which Savannah was already in.

-Oh my god Savannah you wont believe what just happened to Kayla!!!

- What, what happened. she said happily

-I just got asked out!! I said interrupting

-Bye who?


-Harry who?

-Harry who? Harry Styles I said laughing

-OH MY GOD!! really?


-When? Bree asked

-Tonight at 7.

-Can I bring you? Savannah asked


So Bree drove me to my house and the girl's stood there to help me pick something cute to wear

-UUUUUU... that's cute!!! Savannah joyfully said

-What do you think Bree? I asked

-I love it.! she said

The outfit was a baby blue tank top with a black sweater with hole's throne on top, red skirt and brown boot's. And my hair as usual, really long light brown curls and my bang's pulled to my right side.

-How do I look? I asked the girl

-There' only two words FA-BU!  Bre said


-Thanks guys!

So I was done getting ready and then Savannah and Bree drove me there.

-Okay, were here! Savannah said

-Okay, I'm out guy's wish me luck.!!

-Already did, love you see you later okay ! Bree said

-Love you guy's! Bye! I said

I was walking to enter the school. It was open because at 8 there was going to be a football game. While I was walking, I couldn't fined Harry. So I walking towards the boy's locker room, since my brother was there, they let me in.

-Hey Josh. I said

-Hey listen can you tell Savannah-

-No, it was you're fault I'm not going to talk to her for you. I said getting a little mad at him

-Whatever, hey the boy from that boy band you like is looking for you.

-Really, where is he? I asked

-He said he was going to be In the field. Josh said

-Okay thanks, ill see you later okay love you.

-No problem, love you to.

I went basically running cause I felt like I was late. And then I saw him sitting down on the bench.

-Hey. I said waving

-Hi, you look beautiful tonight

-Aww, thanks, you look handsome.

-Thanks. he said smiling at the ground

He was wearing a long sleeve blue strip shirt with color cram pant's with his white convers.

-Okay so what do you want to do tonight. he asked

-I don't know, what do you have in mind? I asked him

-Well I was thinking we can go to dinner and after that we can go to the park.

-That sound perfect! I said

-Awesome! he said

We walked to his car when a fan walk up to us.

-Oh my god! It's Harry Styles!! can you sign this for me.

Then out no were Bree came out. Bree is this beautiful girl, she has gray eyes, with really long brown hair with blonde strips. She mysterious, shy, but crazy at the same time.  She was wearing a white sweater with cut out sleeves, baby blue jeans and some gray boot's.

-I'd hate to break it to ya but the signing was this morning umm bubye! Bree said happily

Then the girl's started to leave. But then this girl made a really unnecessary comment

-I can't believe there holding hand's, she's so ugly.

It kinda hurt but I tried to pay no attention to her.

-Don't listen to her Kayla you're beautiful. Harry said putting his hand's on my check

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