Run Away Love

Makayla, Abreeanah, Savannah, meet the love of there lives. What they don't know is that it all has a twist and that not everything goes as planed. Love, disappointment, broken hearted, are some of the emotions these 3 girls feel. There friendship is put on the line. Love is beautiful until you have to choose to be happy or make everyone else happy.


12. Abreeanah's P.O.V

I was in my house with my brother and his friends, Logan, James and Kendall. Sometimes it's annoying having a brother in a boy band. Having crazy fan's waking me up at basically 5o'clock in the morning. Ugh it was so annoying! but in a way it was cool, having a famous brother, that means parties, meeting  famous people, concerts red carpets. But Carlos never  take me to those thing only sometimes.

-Hey Bree where's Kayla? Kendall asked

-Umm, she's on her date with Harry!

-There dating? He asked again

-Yea they are, it's already there 3 date.

-Woah, well I'm very happy for him and her.

-Yea me to.

Then I heard the door open.

-Hey! Kayla said happily. Oh my god!!! Kendall!!! she said screaming while running towards him and giving him a hug.

-KAYLAAA!! Oh my god!! how are you!!

-I'm good! Oh my god iv miss you so much!!! its been so long. How was the tour?

-It was good, had a lot of fun! The fan's as crazy has always! And a little bride told me you were going out with Harry.

-What, no were just good friend with really strong feeling for each other. That's it.

-How strong?

-Kendall, don't worry I wont stop loveing my best male friend ever. she said hugging him again

-You better not! And how was you're date with the lucky guy?

-It was grate. Really good I had lots of fun.

-Really? What you guys do?

-Well, we went to this place were you can skate and bowl and roller skate  it was nice I had a nice time with him.

-Oh cool, well I'm glad my favorite girl in the world had fun. Kendall said

-Hey, hey, hey... she's taken. I said pointing at Kendall.

-So how long are you guys gonna stay over here? I asked Logan

-Umm about, 2 mounts.

-Oh cool. You guys have enough time to be with us! Kayla said

-Yea tomorrow we have to go to the beach and you can bring you're new boyfriend. Carlos said

-Hey, I told you we just have strong feeling for each other!!

-Ok ok  calm down! Carlos said laughing

- Okay, its official I'm staying here for the night I need to hear everything that happen on you tour, let me just call my mom. Kayla said while getting her phone.

Minutes Past.

-So how was your date with Harry? I asked Kayla

-It was good, we were roller blading-

-But didn't you guys go to ice skate?

-Yea we did but the place we went had roller blading ice skating and bowling

-Oh cool.

-Yea it was but...

-Oh no! I said

-No, no it nothing, its just, before we went in...


-Yea, really mean ones to.

-What they say?

-Oh, umm one of the fans asked Harry if I was his new girlfriend, and if I was, I was hideous.

-That's mean! I said madly

-Yea it is and It kinda hurt.

-But Kayla why do you even care what they say or think about you? I've known you forever and you never cared what anyone said or thought about you. Why now?

-Cause, now its not from some people, now its from basically everyone. When everyone thought I was Kendall's girlfriend they said  nice thing's and I wasn't even dating him. But now with Harry there being the total opposite. I don't get it.

-Honey, you just need to forget about the other people there not the one dating you.

-Right. She said

-So don't worry about, what else happened on the date?

-Umm, oh he said I love you!!! she said happily with a smile from ear to ear.
-OH MY GOD!!!!  he said that?

-YES!!! she said almost screaming. Well we were roller blading and the D.J.  put the song of Ed Sheeran, Kiss Me. So then he told me to come to him so I did. And he pulled me close to him and we started to slow dance and he was whispering the lyrics of the song in my ear, and I just smiled and that's when he said it.

-Oh my god that's so romantic its like the movie!! I said laughing

-I know it really was!

-And did you say it back?

-OF COURSE I DID!!! he said opening her eyes really big

-Haha, good.


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