Run Away Love

Makayla, Abreeanah, Savannah, meet the love of there lives. What they don't know is that it all has a twist and that not everything goes as planed. Love, disappointment, broken hearted, are some of the emotions these 3 girls feel. There friendship is put on the line. Love is beautiful until you have to choose to be happy or make everyone else happy.


7. Abreeanah's P.O.V

So I stood at Kayla's place for the night. When I woke up she was already up.

-Hey, sleeping beauty, get ready cause we re going to the beach! she said

-Uh, ok let me take a quick shower. I said

-Hurry, we don't have much time. she said

-Ok, ok ill hurry!! I said

When I got out, my clothes was already there a pink bathing suit with white poka-dots, white shorts and a laced white shirt and white sandals. I got dressed put my hair in a messy bun and put on my Ray-bans, got my phone and went to eat breakfast with Kayla. Kayla was wearing a mint blue bikini with a white dress, her long wild curls like always, and her pink sandals witch made her stand out. We ate silently cause our mouths were stuffed with pancakes. The weird thing in all of this was we hadn't call Savannah and she hasn't called us to tell us about last night. Just to think about it gets me in a bad mood. Minutes after we finished eating, a black JEEP pulled over in front of Kayla's house.

-Hey Bree there here.

I wanted to ask who but she was already outside, so I followed her and I saw Harry coming out of the JEEP and giving her a gently kiss on the mouth witch made her blush, a lot. It was so cute.

-Hi, I'm glad you're coming along with us!

When I entered the JEEP all I saw was him. He smiled at me and opened his mouth like if he wanted to say something but Kayla cut him off by saying something about sunblock. The rid to the beach was awkward Zayn didn't say nothing and neither  did I, all I could hear was the radio and Kayla and Harry speaking loudly  over the radio about how Harry thought Kayla had amazing hair.

-Hey, Kayla, don't you think Zayn and Abreeanah make a cute couple.?

I got mad all over again!! None of that was going to be possible because he was already drooling over Savannah.

-Uh, I don't think so. I said in a angry voice.

So we got to the beach and the first thing I did was walk around to calm down a little bit. I was walking along the shoreline and he appeared.

-Are you okay? H e asked

-Yea its okay, its just I have a lot of things on my mind. I said

-I could listen If you want!

-Um, its not that I don't want to tell you, its just you wouldn't understand. I said while my eyes were getting watery.

But I me and him could never be together. It would never be possible , he would never fall for a girl like me.

He watched as a tear ran down my cheek and wrapped his arms around me. His perfume was lovely.

-I might not understand, but I could try, and plus you can trust me. He whispered

He let go of me, whipped the tear and told me:

-Come here I want to show you something. He said while getting in the water. He bent down as if he was going to get a fish and  splashed water all over me, before you know it we were in a water fight. When we fished we sat down on the sand.

-We should repeat this. He said in confidence voice

-I'd love to.



-Where do you want to go? He asked

-We could watch a movie at my place?

-Than it's a date? He asked

-It's a date!

I felt myself blush. Then we stood up to go  were Kayla and Harry were but  then he picked me up and throw me in the water. He laughed and got me towel and hugged me so I'd get warm.

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