Run Away Love

Makayla, Abreeanah, Savannah, meet the love of there lives. What they don't know is that it all has a twist and that not everything goes as planed. Love, disappointment, broken hearted, are some of the emotions these 3 girls feel. There friendship is put on the line. Love is beautiful until you have to choose to be happy or make everyone else happy.


5. Abreeanah's P.O.V

How could Savannah do this to me. I was so mad. She's so selfish and self center, always thinking about her self. How could she do this knowing I like him.

I started to walk to my  house cause I really didn't want to see the football game. It was raining and I was crying cause he was is or was the boy of my dreams, and I lost him to one of my best friends. My phone started to ring and it was Kayla.

-Hey, listen you wanna come over? she asked me

-Sure, but don't call Savannah. I demanded

-Okay, but why?

- Ill tell you when I get there! I said


Makayla's P.O.V 

-Thank you Harry for everything!

-Of course love. Hey listen tomorrow, can we go out on our second date? he asked

-Sure, give me you're phone. I demanded

So he did, and I put my phone number and I put my name as Kayla <3

-Here you can call me anytime you want. I said giving him the phone wile showing him the name on the phone.

-Okay, and I like the name you put. I'm never going to change it and if I do it's going to be, My Love<3

I started to blush and giggle.

-So ill see you tomorrow? he asked

- Yes! I said while looking at him.

Then I gave him a kiss on the cheek but very close to his mouth and turned around facing the door.

-Is that really how you're going to say goodbye to me? Harry asked me smiling showing of his dimples.

-Okay. How do you want me to say goodbye? I said turning around to face him.

-Let me show you, so you know the next! He said while putting one of his hand on my waist an the other one on my cheek

and gently putting his soft lips against mine. He leaned back and smile.

-That's how you say goodbye. He whispered, while having his forehead against mine.

-Bree? I said while looking away rom Harry's eyes

She was really wet .

-Ill talk to you later love. Harry said while letting go of y hand.

-Okay, bye. I said smiling.

She was crying I could see it.

-What happened? I asked her

-She did it again Kayla. She jut couldn't resist it she just had to do it, she couldn't just let this one for me. Bree said sadly

-Did what, what she did?

-Ill tell you in side. she said.

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