Run Away Love

Makayla, Abreeanah, Savannah, meet the love of there lives. What they don't know is that it all has a twist and that not everything goes as planed. Love, disappointment, broken hearted, are some of the emotions these 3 girls feel. There friendship is put on the line. Love is beautiful until you have to choose to be happy or make everyone else happy.


9. Abreeanah .P.O.V

- There's something I want to tell you. Zayn said

I nodded my head but like 5 seconds later Savannah came and said:

-Hey babe! and kissed Zayn.

Zayn froze and gently pushed her away. I just got my stuff and told Kayla if she can take me home. Then Kayla rushed over me and asked:

-Why did Savannah o that?

-I have no idea! But you know what, I'm done, that's it, I don't want nothing to do with Savannah anymore. I said

-Oh c'mon Bree -

-No Kayla, that's it I'm done. I said cutting her off while leaving.

-Harry I have to go but call me later okay, tonight. Kayla said to Harry while picking up her stuff.

-Sure love. he replayed

-Bree wait!!! Zayn screamed but I didn't listen I just kept on walking.

-C'mon Kayla! I demanded

-I'm coming, I'm coming

I called my brother Carlos and told him to pick us up. And he came quick.

-Bree? Kayla asked


-Why did you want to leave, you should've stayed to hear the explanation he was going to give you. she said

-He wasn't going to give any because he likes her that's it.!

-Okay, but what if he doesn't? And what if that was all her? What if he didn't want to kiss her? Huh? You left for no reason!

-Please Kayla you're just mad because you had to leave Harry! I said razing my voice.

-You're dam right I'm mad. Bree there in tour. And there leaving soon. It's no time for you guy's to be fighting. What if we'll never see them again. Then you're going to be like dam it I should've spent more time having fun with him then arguing. She said


-Bree, I suggest you talk to him. And figure something out, cause you don't want Savannah having another boy you like. he said angrily.

-Fine, ill do it but only because you want me to. I said breathing deeply

-I want you to because it's for you Bree. And plus you need a boyfriend. She said laughing

-That's why I love you Kayla! I said

-I know. 


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