Just A Normal Guy

Sometime's I think most people in this world want to be normal. But some people wish they're not. Being famous is hard. When I meet Allyson, everything in life brightens. But she rejects me because I'm famous. Could Life get any worse.?


1. The Bus Ride

Justin's Pov

"Justin what do you want for breakfast?" my mom asked. "Pancakes and bacon.' I stated. I sit at the table with my security guard, Kenny and my manager, Scooter. "Justin we need to head for New York for your first concert on your tour, also we have to stop for the night in Utah because you have a CD signing at 2:00 to 5:00. We have a good day ahead of us." Scooter tells me. I turn my head to face the window of the bus. "Mom, are my pancakes ready yet?" I question. I can hear my stomach growling. I didn't have dinner last night because I was tired from playing in the pool at the hotel. Zendaya and I were hanging out last night because we were at a charity thing. My mom sets my pancakes and bacon down in front of me. "Thank you!" I said sweetly because I'm straving.

After I'm done with my pancakes, I head for my room and start to get dress. i put on a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. I but a green hoodie on and a lakers hat. I brush my teeth and comb my hair. Perfect. I think to myself. I walk out of my room and head for the living room, which isn't really big. I grab my laptop and log on to twitter. Going to Utah for a CD signing. Meet me at Barnes and Nobles in Salt Lake City! 2:00-5:00! Don't forget!! I type. Instantly, a million comment appear. I answer about three. It's saturday and everyone is on twitter because of no school. I grab my iPhone and start to listen to Lil' Wayne. I get a text from Selena. Hey babe, opening for your concert tomorrow. Can't wait. It reads.

I walk into the kitchen and sit next to my mom. She puts her arm around me. I love my mom a lot! "Hey Justin." She says looking at the dishes she is washing. "Sup Mom." I responded quickly. I grab a dish and start to scrub the syrup on it. I can tell that was mine. "Mom, I wish I was normal sometimes." I say looking down at my feet. "You choose to be you and thats what you picked. I do a sly smile. It's hard to be me. I get chased whenever fans see me. Girls trapple over each other just to a autograph from me. Girls go to the ER because of me.


Bus rides are usually exciting, but no. I mean there is no excitement today. I have a terrible headache at the moment and it's very upsetting because if I'm sick then I disappoint fans who come to see me in concert. My stomach hurts also. I can't stand being trapped in here for 9 hours. I think I'm coming down with something. I hope I will be okay.

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