Gateway to Love

Hayley has been beaten and abused by her boyfriend for three years. She runs away from him and gets help from Liam after finding her on the street. Later she finds out she is pregnant with her ex’s baby. Liam helps her after she finally reports her ex of abuse, rape, and mistreat. Along the way during her court case they both fall in love. Hayley learns there are men who do treat you right. This is her gateway to love.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5         

Niall POV

We all came back from eating our separate lunch since Hayley took away our original food when the doctor came towards us and escorted us to Hayley’s room and told us the devastating news that Liam was in an accident then Hayley passed out.A few minutes later, she woke up still not believing that Liam was in a car accident and in now a coma we don’t know how long he would be in. That wasn’t the only news we received that day.

“Hello Hayley, how are you feeling today?” Doctor Russo asked her.

“Fine, a bit shocked but when can I go home?” Hayley asked shock clear in her voice.

“Well the results came back fine so as soon as you sign the discharge papers and change, you may leave.” He responded.

Later when Hayley was all ready we were about to leave when the doctor informed Hayley to take it easy since stress wasn’t good for her or her baby.

“Excuse me. Baby?” Harry asked while holding Hayley’s hand.

“Yes, you are one month pregnant. Congratulations.” He said.

After that we left to the car but stopped at McDonalds for Hayley since she was hungry. After a long day we all finally arrived home.

Once we were out of the car, I received a call and excused myself and headed to my room before shutting the door then answering the call.

“Hey, love.” I answered.

Danielle POV

I moaned softly feeling Zac’s lips on my neck.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Ugh.” I mumbled before answering the phone not knowing who it was.



“Harry. What’s up?”

“Liam is in a coma, he was in a car accident. Do you-“

“Harry I’m busy I’ll call you later.” I said quickly before ending the call and throwing my phone on the floor.

I turned to Zac and seductively walked back to him before straddling his lap.

“Now where were we?” I whispered in his ear before he attached his lips to mine.

Hayley POV





I still could not believe that.

All the guys were very supportive and I knew they would take care of me and be with me every step of the way. Harry especially because he knew who the father was but he said if I want to, he would be the father to my child.

I know he cares for me and I also care for him, a lot. More than I should actually. I love him.

I was in my room sprawled out on top of my bed thinking everything through when I came to two conclusions before I had to puke my guts out.

1: I love Harry.

2: I am filing a court case against Josh.

I can only live my life fully knowing Josh is locked up and cannot hurt anymore girls like me.

He deserves to rot in hell.

I let the guys know what I decided and they all agreed with the condition to wait until Liam woke up.

I just hope it’s not too long.

I went to sleep humming for the first time in a long time.

Got your fingerprints as evidence all on my body

Put your right hand on the book

You were found guilty

I can’t wait  forever but that's how it's gotta be

For me they'll never be

Case closed.

4 months later.

“C’mon Liam. Please wake up. I need you here.” I whispered one hand intertwined with Liam’s the other resting on my growing belly.

A lot has happened in the few months.

1: We found out Danielle had been cheating on Liam for a long time and decided to run away. (Good)

2: Niall has a girlfriend, Alyssa. She’s really nice and pretty. (The cutest thing is she isn’t exactly skinny or over-weight, she’s in the middle but Niall really loves her. He has plans to propose to her in the future.)

3: Harry and I are a couple ever since the day we found out I was pregnant.

4: Josh has a new girlfriend. (We found out through a little birdie.)

5: Liam still hasn’t woken up and I haven’t started the court case against Josh.

I felt a small amount of pressure on my hand and I looked up in time to see Liam’s eyes open.

“Hay-l-ey?” He asked in a hoarse voice.

“Doctor! He’s awake! He’s awake.” I whispered the last part as I smiled at Liam. The next thing I know I felt Liam’s lips on mine.

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