Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


1. The Party

I was so excited for tonight. Me and Lucas were going to our first party as a couple. I knew there was going to be beer and shooters, which I was glad about. I wanted to get him drunk cause I wanted to lose my virginity. We've been together for a while and I knew it was the right time to finally happen. (Time for party) As we got to the party we kissed alot before we got in. Right when we got in, it was packed. The music was loud, their was plenty of beer. It was epic. We went right to the drinks. And we both grabbed a beer. I then hear my name, "Brook! Come here!" It was my friend Starr that kept yelling that until I turned around. She was with her boyfriend, who I have a crush on, Ethan. I've had a crush on him ever since last year. I'm good at hiding my feelings and keeping my secrets. Me and Ethan did go out for 2 months last year, but we ended deciding to just be friends. I know for a fact he stopped liking me, but I couldn't get over it. I think I love Lucas though. After a while of drinking, my one beer, I noticed Lucas was playing beer pong. Yay! He'll be even more drunk! I grabbed Starr and brought her outside with me, I told her what I wanted to happen. Then she gave me these weird pills and she said, "It makes it feel better." I said "Ok, cool." After that I realized she was kinda drunk. When I went back inside I grabbed Lucas and said "Meet me in the last bedroom at the end of the hall in 5." I left and got me a shot and went outside and wished me luck. I then went back inside. As I walked down the hall I heard groans and screaming, I figuered it was someone else having sex. I got closer to the room I told him to go to. I opened the door and as I turned on the lights...

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