Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


12. The New Guy

As I started to say that, the guy I dated between Ethan and Lucas, walked in. Noah came in, ignoring Ethan and Lucas, coming right to me and grabbing my hand and kissing me on the forehead. I said to Ethan and Lucas, "You guys, this is Noah, I dated him after you Ethan, but before Lucas. And, I choose him." Noah then reached out his hand to Ethan and Lucas, but both of them were furious at my desicion. I asked Noah, "Can you give me a few minutes with them alone?" "Sure.", he said and then he kissed me on the lips. I told Ethan and Lucas, "Look I'm so sorry. I couldn't handle you two fighting over me. I couldn't choose either of you. So while Starr's parents were getting you I called Noah." "Why couldn't you have chosen one of us? It's simple. Me or him.", said Lucas. "You don't know how much pressure you two put me through." "Look, I'm sorry for all the pressure and saying hell would come to you. I just love you so much that I didn't want to lose you.", said Ethan. I grabbed both of their hands and said, "I love both of you. But I just lost Starr over this, and you almost lost me. I think it's better this way." Noah came back and I asked the guys if they wouldn't mind leaving, I felt bad because I sounded like a bitch. Noah's so nice to me, and he's cute, and caring, and so much more, but I couldn't get over Ethan and Lucas. 

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