Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


11. The Awakening

As they got closer to eachother, they looked at eachother and leaned in, and they kissed. It was a short kiss, almost like a peck on the cheek, except it was on the lips. After Ethan ran out of the cathedral and ran outside of the hospital and just sat watching the ambulances, watching the cars and people, and watching the sun rise. He couldn't believe everything that just happened, happened in one night. Starr's mom ran out of the hospital looking for Ethan, she said "I've been looking for you everywhere, Brooklyn woke up, she wants to see you!" While Starr's mom was saying that to Ethan, Starr's dad was saying that to Lucas. Both of them ran to the room to see my eyes open. And me asking for them. I told my mom I wanted to talk to them alone. I asked them, "Come here, I need to know you're real, I've had so many dreams about both of you while I was, you know." Lucas and Ethan both came closer to me. I kissed them both on the forehead. I said, "I've made my decision..."

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