Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


9. The After-“Shock”

When my mom got there she was freaking out, thankfully Starr's mom was there to help support eachother. Lucas and Ethan were freaking out since I was the one hurt the most. When the doctor came out of the operating room he said, "Mr.McNeil is perfectly fine, some brusies and cuts, and a small sprain. On the other hand Brooklyn is in recovery. Only limited people can see her because she is still unconcious. She broke both her right arm and right leg and a couple of her ribs. We also had to remove her apendix because there was a high count of white blood cells." My mom was in shock because I was so hurt. Ethan and Lucas were ready to fall into a black hole at this point. My mom had to go see my dad, her husband, first to tell him what happened to Starr, so she told Ethan and Lucas, "You two can go see her, while I go see my husband. I know how important both of you were to you." Ethan and Lucas looked at eachother and gave a nasty smirk to eachother. When they were entering my hospital room Lucas nearly fainted. He knew it was all his fault because then me and him would still be together having fun. Ethan couldn't handle it, seeing the girl he loves covered in bandages. He laid against the wall and fell down to the floor and started crying. Lucas came up to me and kissed me on the forehead and said "...

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