Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


5. The Accident

And Starr collapsed to ground. We all ran to her quickly. I slapped her and checked her pulse, she was breathing but unconcious. The guys lifted her up to put her into the car. I watched them. Then I looked down and noticed that there were pills on the ground, I then said, "Which one of you is doing drugs?" Ethan said, "I think there Starr's I saw them in her locker once before." "What the hell Starr are you trying to kill yourself?", I screamed. We quickly got in Lucas car leaving Ethan's. Ethan drove cause he was more sober than any of us. While we were on our way to the hospital I went to see if Starr was still breating and she was, barely. I yelled, "Ethan, step on it, were losing Starr!" "What how?", said Lucas. "Look, while we were all talking she probably over dosed. Ethan drive faster!" We finally made it to the hospital and they took her right away. I handed the nurse Starr's bag of pills and Ethan called her parents on the payphone. I told Ethan, "Look I have to go talk to Lucas, I'll be right back." "I'm coming with you." "No, I can handle this." "Are you sure?" "Yes." Then I walked over to Lucas and grabbed his and he said, "Don't touch me." "Look we have to talk." "No we don't." "You're coming with me so lets go." I grabbed his wrist again and he came. I found a janitor's closet for us to talk in private. "What do you want to talk about." "I wanted to explain myself." "From what I've seen tonight and heard I think I've got it all." "You don't, there's more to the story"...

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