Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


8. The 2nd Accident

And then we were hit. My dad wasn't paying attention and we were hit really badly. I only remember a little bit, like me calling the police and then being taken to the hosptial, again. Starr's parents, Ethan, and Lucas were still there so when they saw me and my dad being brought in they asked the nurse what happened to us. The nurse said, "They were just in a pretty bad car accident, driver wasn't paying attention and ran a stop sign." Ethan and Lucas were flipping out and Lucas said to a doctor, "I know who they are, I can identify them, the girl is Brooklyn McNeil, and the man is her father, Patrick McNeil, I can call Mrs. McNeil for you." "Thank you son. That helps alot." The doctor started to walk away and Ethan asked quickly, "What's wrong with them?" "Well the car hit the passenger side, where Brooklyn sat, so she's worse than her father." Ethan and Lucas were devastated to hear that. First Starr, and now they might lose the girl they love the most, me. 

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