Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


7. Something to Be Scared About

"Don't get mad but, Lucas kissed me and I didn't stop him." "What the hell Brook?" "I'm sorry, I still like him, and I love you, but I can't choose between either of you right now." "Well you have to or hell will come to you, does Lucas know that you can't choose?" "What do you mean hell will come to me?" "You'll see!" "Look I love you, but I like him. And we already broke up. Technically I'm still with Lucas. I have to get back." Then he grabbed my shoulder and kissed me while I spilt the coffee I had in my hand. "Woah", I said. That's how powerful the kiss was. He said, "I'm not gonna stop kissing you until you choose me." "Ethan! Let go of me!", I exclaimed. Then a doctor came over and asked if anything was wrong, I told him no. I looked at Ethan and said "Look, if you give me time I'll pick the right person, but until then people will be watching us." "Fine have it your way!" When we got back to the waiting room my dad was there to pick me up so I gave Starr's mom and dad big hugs, and I told them to call me anytime. I didn't even look at Ethan or Lucas, both of them fighting over me! On the way home my dad and I were talking and then...

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