Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


13. School Time

When I was able to go back to school, Noah was able to switch schools so he could look out for me under doctor's orders. Everybody had heard about Starr, and about me. Great. I hated being the center of attention. When I went to first period I sat at my normal seat. I wanted to cry knowing Starr wasnt there, I sat next to her in every class we had together. Instead of sitting next to Starr, Noah sat next to me. But on the other side of me was Lucas. Awkward. I was still in a wheel chair and I hated it. Having Noah push me around was terrible. At one point he had to use the bathroom so I asked Ethan to push me around. I directed Ethan to a janitor's closet because Noah was a terrible kisser. Once we got in there I grabbed Ethan with my one good arm and I kissed him. He leaned out and said, "What are you doing?" "I'm kissing you, duh" "No, you're cheating on Noah." "I'm gonna break up with him." Then I kissed Ethan again, he backed out, again. "You didn't choose me. I can't do this." "Wait! I love you!" I stood up and made him sit down. I unzipped his pants. I was really...vulnerable. I planned this all out in my head, and it...

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