Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


10. An Agreement

"I'm so sorry this shouldn't have happened to you, I love you." Then he grabbed a chair and sat next to me holding my hand. Ethan then stopped crying and asked Lucas, "Look we have to stop fighting so this doesn't happen again." "Agreed, let the best man win. But I think you should be with her, you two love eachother." "That's true, but we already broke up, I don't wanna go through with that again." My mom came in and asked if she could stay with me, the boys left the room. They were both heading to the small cathedral to go say a few prayers. Neither of them were holy enough to do this, but they had to for me. When they walked into the cathedral they both sat on sepreate sides of the pews and just started to pray. They just sat there. Then they got closer to eachother. And eventually they sat next to eachother. They both looked at eachother and...

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