Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


6. A Mistake & A New Angel

"I still like you.", he said. Starting to cry I said, "I do too, I just like him more." Then I looked up and he kissed me. I didn't back off, he did. "I'm sorry. I just had too one last time." And then he ran back to the waiting room. I followed him. When we got there Starr's parents were there and so were the doctors. Starr's doctor said, "Good you're all here. I have some bad news." Starr's mom asked, "What is it?" Hesitant the doctor said, "Starr overdosed, she is in a better place now." Her mom bursted into tears and I, I still had to process it. My legs almost collapsed, but thankfully Lucas caught me and walked me to a chair. Starr's mom and I were the ones crying the most. She cradled me in her arms cause she knew how close Starr and I were. I wanted to tell her mom what had happened tonight, but I couldn't. I had to walk around, so I went to go get coffee, Ethan came with me. As I was getting coffee, Ethan asked me "What did you and Ethan talk about." "Don't get mad but..."

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