Remember Me?

After Niall & Cali broke up, will they ever see each other again? Much less get back together? Cali moves on to Sam. Is Niall still heartbroken from their breakup? Read & find out in Remember Me?


6. Welcome Home

Chapter 6:
Niall's POV 
"I-I still love you." I stuttered. The look on her face was indescribable. It was a mixture of pure shock and... anger?
"How can you say that, Niall?" she asked, finally stopping. 
"I never stopped Cali. I've loved you since you left me four years ago." I said, looking down with flaming red cheeks.
"I-I have a boyfriend, Niall." Hearing her say that broke my heart. I couldn't even reply to her without letting tears slip out of my eyes. I turned on my heel to go find my car. 
"Niall, wait." she called out to me. 
"Here." She handed me a piece of paper after she finished writing something on it. 
I smiled and turned to walk out, opening the paper. I looked down and gasped. The note read:
'Friends? New #: 542-848-0383 xx Cali' 
My heart stopped. Had she finally chosen to forgive me for my horrific mistake? God, I hope so. 
Cali's POV

When he said he still loved me, man. I couldn't breathe. It shocked me so much. When I told him I had a boyfriend and he looked depressed, I handed him a note with my new number on it. What possessed me to give him that note I will never know. His explanation didn't really make sense on the plane, but once off, it clicked. Cade and I WERE really close and I can see where and why he would think I was cheating on him. Once I handed him the note, I saw a wide grin form on his adorable face as he turned on his heel. Seeing that cheeky smile made me blush like old times. No Cali. If I was going to make this friendship work, I would not be able to keep thinking things like that. I walked out to find my mom's car waiting for me in the pickup line. 

"Hey babe! Why are you so happy today?" my mom greeted me as I had giant smile on my face. 
"Um.. I kind of ran into Niall.." I said blushing. She gasped and asked what happened and if I smacked him upside the head. I laughed but shook my head, explaining everything that happen. 
"Well.. honey. I'm glad you forgave him, I've always liked him." she smiled and put her hand over mine. 
We continued to talk and when my phone buzzed, I looked down at it with a shocked expression. 
From: 289-358-4737
-hey Cali. it's Niall. (:
I deleted his number after the big breakup issue. 
To: Niall (:
-hey niall, what's up?
We talked for hours on end that night, catching up about everything that has happened in the last few years. He ended up inviting me over the next day to hangout with his friends. I had to admit, I missed them so much. Once we got back to my parents' house, or my old house, I went straight to bed. I was drained because of the crying, flying, and the time change. 
The next morning I woke up at about 11, so normal time for me. Niall asked me to be there at 12 so I got up and showered. When I got out, I picked out my white shorts, blue tank top and blue thong sandals. I put on my makeup which consisted of base, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. I quickly dried and straightened my hair. Once I was ready, I got in my car after saying bye to my mom and left for Niall's. My mom had my car driven down a week ago so I would have it. 20 minutes later I arrived at his house. After checking my makeup and hair in the mirror, I walked up to the door. I took a deep breath as I raised my arm, the door swung open and I was being carried by two strong guys. Once I was put down, I noticed it was Harry and Louis. Of course, the biggest goofballs. 
"HARRY!! LOUIS!! I missed you guys so much!" I screamed, giving them huge hugs. 
"We missed you too!!" They screamed back in unison. 
As we walked into the living room I was greeted by another bear hug by Zayn and Liam. They releases me and I went over to hug Niall. As I stood up, he had pink cheeks which he tried to cover by resting his hands on his face as he sat down. We all talked and caught up for at least 2 hours when Niall suggested we watch a movie. Everyone settled for This Means War, yay! I sat in the
middle of Niall and Harry and Niall started to put his arm around me when I glared at him. "Echhem." I fake-coughed. 
He looked at me and said apologetically, "Sorry. Boyfriend, right." I smiled and patted his knee, but I could feel him tense up. Oh boy, would this be a long day. 


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