Remember Me?

After Niall & Cali broke up, will they ever see each other again? Much less get back together? Cali moves on to Sam. Is Niall still heartbroken from their breakup? Read & find out in Remember Me?


7. Studio

Chapter 7: 
Niall's POV
Cali fell asleep after our third movie, Inception, on my shoulder. It was so hard to control my feelings for her. I knew she had a boyfriend, but when I was near her I just wanted her. She was my first love and my biggest mistake was cheating on her. I think no matter how many times I apologize to her and try to explain my self, she won't take me back. When she told me her boyfriends name, I secretly looked him up to find him on about every social media site and on every UCLA Sports page. Sam Webster. From what I could tell he was a cocky douche. Not to be a cocky douche, but I'm definitely thinking Cali downgraded. I'm funny, sweet, cute, and I eat a lot. What's not to love. As soon as the credits started rolling, I felt a weight being released from my shoulder. I looked over to see Cali rubbing her makeup free eyes and scratching her head. Damn. She looked as beautiful as ever. 
"Hey.. do you mind if I crash here tonight?" Cali shook me from my thoughts and back into reality. 
"No.. not at all. Take my bed. I'll stay here." I replied quickly. 
"I can sleep here, no big deal." Cali argued politely. 
"No, you're the guest. Take the bed," I smiled at her and gave her a slight shove. 
"Thanks Ni. Goodnight. " she patted
my knee and sent shivers up my spine after calling me Ni. She used to call me that all the time before.. well before the incident. Our couple name was the cutest though. Nali. It used to be trending on twitter forever, then it change to #NaliIsOver, which crushed me. 
I dozed off scrolling through my twitter feed, mentioning and following some of my fans back. Hours later I woke up to the sound of giggling and getting poked in the face. 
"What the--" I shot straight up and looked into those beautiful blue eyes I fell in love with 3 years ago. 
"NIALL! WAKE UP!! IT'S 2 IN THE AFTERNOON!!" everyone shouted before pouncing on the couch. 
"OW! GET THE HELL OFF ME." I shouted back. They all got off the couch and went back into the kitchen. I could smell the bacon frying and the eggs scrambling so I decided to get up. When I entered the kitchen, everyone shouted my name and Harry said, "So nice of you to join us!" which I replied with a 'shut it curly', receiving laughs all around. I grabbed a plate and began to pile it with food. Devouring it in less than 2 minutes, I went back for more. When I was finally done, the boys explained the days plans which were going to the studio and a meet & greet. Easy enough. Once we were all dressed, including Cali who had driven home, gotten her dressed, and came back, we headed out. Immediately, we were bombarded with questions and flashes arriving at the studio. I heard a couple which happened to be 'Niall is Cali back in your life?', 'Is Nali back together' and 'Zayn, new hair style?!' Well that hair question didn't really matter.. at all. Once security pushed the fans away and let us through, we met Simon. 
"Hey mates... and Cali?! What in the bloody hell are you doing here?" Simon shrieked. 
"Hey Simon! I'm back from college and hanging out with my best friends again!" Cali smiled as she put her as around mine and Liam's shoulders. 
"Glad to see you again! We'll catch up later, boys let's get to it." Simon said, walking into the recording studio. 
We all followed him and Cali took a seat on the red couch outside the booth. Simon told me to pick the song and I chose Little Things. It had always been Cali's favorite, so when Liam started it off, her head jerked up from her phone revealing a huge smile on her face. She knew this song was about her. 
Sorry for the short chapter, but I felt like I had to write something for you guys!! Hope you liked it. Please comment!! 


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