Remember Me?

After Niall & Cali broke up, will they ever see each other again? Much less get back together? Cali moves on to Sam. Is Niall still heartbroken from their breakup? Read & find out in Remember Me?


1. Prologue

Chapter 1: 
Cali's POV
"I can't believe you. That's it. We're done." I walked out and slammed the door. 
One of the worst possible things you can find during a relationship, is your boyfriend kissing another girl. Especially if that girl is, or was, your best friend. 
"Cali, baby, wait!" Niall screamed after me, "I can explain." 
"Okay, Niall." I stopped and turned around. "You try to explain why in the hell you were kissing Hanna, my best friend." I crossed my arms, pissed as ever, but still trying to hold back the tears. I needed him to know that I wasn't just going to break down and come crawling back to him this time. 
"I- we- I-" he stuttered. I held up a hand, as if to say, "save it", and walked out of his apartment building. 
"Cali, I love you. Please don't go." I heard Niall choke out before leaving. Right as I closed the door I muttered, "Douche." 


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