Remember Me?

After Niall & Cali broke up, will they ever see each other again? Much less get back together? Cali moves on to Sam. Is Niall still heartbroken from their breakup? Read & find out in Remember Me?


2. One Year Later

Chapter 2: 
Cali's POV
*One year later*
I pulled the keys out of the door to my apartment I shared with my best friend Taylor. I'm 21 now, so I have 1 more month of my final year of college. I already have my job so when I graduate, I'm already going to be a kindergarten teacher at my hometown elementary school. Anyways, I got in my white convertible and drove off to my morning classes at UCLA. When I pulled up, my boyfriend, Sam, was sitting on the hood of his friend, Zac's, car. 
"Hey babe!" Sam shouted excitedly when I drove by them. I lifted my sunglasses off my head and blew him a kiss. 
"Hey Sam." I replied back before parking in my spot. I got out of my car and it wasn't long before Sam picked me up over his shoulder and carried me to our first class, Chemistry. Why I needed to know Chemistry to teach 5 year olds, I don't know. When we walked in, everyone gasped. I don't know why they gasped, but I did know that we were the IT couple of the school. Every guy wanted to date me, and every girl, Sam. I loved it. Sam put me down and we walked to our seats, holding hands, as usual. We had been dating for almost 3 years. I met him my sophomore year in college and we just clicked. Becoming good friends, then best friends, and now boy/girlfriends. Sam leaned over from his seat and pecked me on the cheek. I turned to face him and he said, "You look beautiful this morning." 
"Thanks babe. Did you study for this exam?" I asked and we both started cracking up. Me and him both knew he never studied. I, on the other hand, studied like a maniac for everything. 
After class, Sam, our other two best friends that happened to be dating, Zac and Taylor, and I all decided to go out to lunch. We hopped in the car and chose Chick-Fil-A. Arriving, I saw a blue bug that could only belong to one person. My ex-best friend Hanna. I don't like to talk about it but she's the one I caught Niall making out with. I tensed up and Sam must've noticed because he asked if I was okay. I shook my head and tried to hide back the tears. All the memories were starting to flood back. I was about to turn around when I heard a familiar cackle. I turned back around, coming face to face with the bitch. Luckily, I had my sunglasses on so she couldn't see my red eyes. 
"Well, well, well. Look who we have here. The baby who can't take care of her own problems with out running away from them." Hanna spit out. 
"Who the hell are you?" Sam said, getting in her face. 
"I could ask you the same." Hanna said, snootily. Man, has she changed or what? 
"I'm Cali's boyfriend. Now your turn." Sam replied. 
"Name?" Oh my god. What was her problem? 
"What?Are you gonna google him or something?" I finally spoke up. 
"No, actually. He looks familiar, that's all." Hanna said, crossing her arms. 
"His name is Sam. And we're leaving." I said, grabbing Sam's arm to pull him back to the car. Taylor and Zac already had made their way into Chickfila. 
"Um no. We have to talk, bitch." Hanna pulled me back. 
"Don't talk to her like that. And don't even think about touching her." Sam stepped in front of me. 
"We WILL have this talk sometime Jones. You hear me?" Jones? Where in the hell did that come from? It used to always be Cal-Pal or Cali-Wally. Nope, now it's Jones. Ew. 
Hanna turned and walked back to her car as we went into Chickfila. 
"Took ya long enough!" Zac shouted from the booth in the back. He had his arm around Taylor and food was already laid out on the table. 
"Sorry, we kinda ran into someone unexpected.." I muttered. 
"Who?!" Zac screamed. 
"Dude.. just drop it." Sam said. 
I smiled and he kissed my cheek. 
"Thanks for getting our food, Taylor." I said to her. 
"HEY! How do you know I didn't get it?" Zac pouted. 
"Because we all know you didn't and you wouldn't." Sam said and we all laughed. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better group of friends. If it wasn't for getting out of the hell hole I used to call home, I never would have met them. We just ate and laughed for the rest of the hour. After we were done, Taylor and I wanted to go shopping so we dragged the boys along with us. Ha ha ha. 
"PINK. PINK. PINK." I started chanting as I pulled Sam by the wrist into my favorite store. I headed straight to the shirts when Sam called my name. "How about this?" he asked while holding up a skimpy lingerie outfit and a matching bra and thong. 
"SAM!" I started blushing uncontrollably, but then couldn't help but laugh. After me and Tay had picked out everything we needed, the boys paid and we went to every other store in the mall. By the time we were done, it was almost 7. What a day! Me and Tay decided to head back to our apartment and the boys as well. 
Right after they dropped us off, my phone vibrated. 
From Sam <3 :
check ur pink bag, babe <3 xx 
I opened up my Pink bag to find the same "outfit" he had held up in the store. I blushed again before texting him back. 
To Sam <3 :
omg you did not. wow. xx
From Sam <3 : 
oh but I did. can't wait to see you in it. call me later. love you babe xx 
I was planning on calling him, but I crashed right when I hit the bed. Ooops. 
So guys, please read this story! I started a new one because my other one was getting kind of boring. Please please please like/comment/favorite/read this. It would mean so much! <3
love you all 😘


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