Remember Me?

After Niall & Cali broke up, will they ever see each other again? Much less get back together? Cali moves on to Sam. Is Niall still heartbroken from their breakup? Read & find out in Remember Me?


3. Graduation

Chapter 3:
* One month later* 
Cali's POV 
"And I am so pleased to announce to you our newest graduating class of UCLA! Congratulations Seniors!" UCLA's headmaster shouted into the microphone as we all threw our hats into the air. Cheesy, i know. I could see Sam running through the crowd to try and find me. When he reached me, he picked me up and spun me around, kissing me. Man, was I going to miss this boy when I moved back home. We only had 1 week together until I moved back to my hometown of Miami, Florida. After being dismissed, our group went out to eat with all of our parents who had flown in for graduation. I had met Sam's parents once or twice, but he had never met mine. 
We pulled up to Perry's Steakhouse and all went in. After sitting down and ordering our drinks, our parents had gotten to know each other a little bit more. 
"So you two have raised a fine young woman." Sam's mom, Claire, said. 
I blushed and Sam squeezed my thigh under the table. 
"Thank you. As well as you two with Sam. He is quite the keeper, don't ya think Cali?" my mom said, turning towards me. 
"I'd like to think so." I smiled and he pecked my lips. 
"What's going to happen next week when you move back to Florida?" Sam's dad, Ray, asked. 
"Well.. we're going to make it work over the phone.." I started. "And we'll visit each other as much as we can." Sam finished. 
"Good. I'm glad to here that." Ray smiled. 
We went on to finish dinner sharing stories and laughter. When we all decided it was time to head out, our parents said goodbye to us. They were flying out tonight, as well as Sam's parents. 
"So babe. Guesssss whaaaat?" Sam dragged out his words. 
"Whaaaaat?" I mimicked him. 
"You, my love, are staying at my place this week and--" 
I cut him off, "What about Zac and Taylor?" 
He laughed and continued, "Eh, eh, eh. You didn't let me finish. They are staying at y'all's place." He smiled to himself and before I had the chance to reply, he put his arm around my back and pulled me closer. Placing one hand on my cheek, his lips met mine and danced together in front on my apartment building. It wasn't long before I heard Zac's voice scream,
"EW! COODIES! Get a room lovebirds!" We both laughed and headed up to my room to pack for the week. 
IWe headed back to his apartment and basically did the same thing all week. Watch movies, which I was fine with, because I was with Sam. On Thursday night, I ended up crashing after our third movie, She's the Man. 
I felt strong arms pick me up and carry me to a bed. I opened my eyes to find Sam taking my clothes off, replacing them with his sweats. 
"Babe.." I croaked, leaning forward a bit. 
"Oh hey baby. Didn't realize you were awake." Sam said coming to sit on the side of the bed next to me. 
"I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I'm going to miss you." I tried to say without getting choked up. It obviously didn't work when Sam said, "Oh hey.. babe, don't cry. We will talk every night and I will try to visit you as much as I can. I love you so much." He pulled me closer and I fell asleep silently sobbing into his chest, dreading for what the next day had in store for me. 


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