What happenes when 18 year old Stephanie Henriquez meets the love of her life but then she starts to have an affair with his friend. Will she realize shes making a mistake or leave him forn his friend?


2. our love

Stephanie. I was with Niall at his apartment. We were cuddling on the couch when the boys come home. Theybarrived with pizza and drinks. Niall carried me to the table where we sat down to eat. Nialld ended up eating the rest of the pizza. When we finished we went to go watch a movie in the living room. At some point Niall gets a phone call and goes outside. I get up and go to the bathroom and use it. Once I come out Harry blocks my way and gets close. He puts his lips on mine and I kiss back. He lifts me up and we makeout. We stop once we hear the door. I walk up to Niall and hug him. Sometimes I feel bad because of what I do behind his back. We sit on the coucj. Then he takes my hand and pulls me for a kiss. We kiss and stop when Harry groans. "Do you guys have to do this everytime?" He asks annoyed. Niall just laughs. "Oh Harry when you d all in love one day your gonna be doing the same." Niall responds Harry just rolls his eyes.
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