Short songs I've written


4. potential in me

Potential  in me


vs 1.

       some times I fall short of the goals I set

       some times I feel like a wreck

       they tell me who I have to be

       but I'm going to be just plain simple me


bridge .

             let me show you who I am.

             let me show you where I stand

             jut take your time to understand

             the potential in me



      can you see me?

      this is who i wanna be

      i know I’ve done so wrong

      I know it took so long

             but this is me

            you can’t tell me who to be.


Vs 2.   You can climb every mountain

           You can swim every sea

           But your words wont get to me

           I’m stronger then I use to be .


bridge & Chorus



       I make it up as I go

       I call it going with the flow

       You think you know me

       But your just hating on my heart strings


bridge & chorus


finish -  I make it up as I go I'm going with the flow



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