Short songs I've written


2. Open Eyes

April 16th , 2012

                                     open eyes


     1st verse  :  Behind  foggy glass , you see what your mind lets you to see

                       While the world spins fast your all you know .

                        You don’t see the things laying at your feet .

                        You don’t see the the things you do .

                        You find the world to be bullet proof  .



        Bridge :  They shatter they break , like a porcelain plate .

                         They  call for a  Hero , but not the man in tites you call     superman .

                         They need a friend  , someone who can see what they don’t say .



         Chorus : can you feel their pain ? can you see it is written on their faces ?

                       Can you honestly say you are okay with making them feel shame ?

                       why can’t you be the hero and save the day? Im gonna be a hero  

                       each and every day.  I’m gonna take the time to listen and to care .

                       life may never be perfect but  its worth it. My eyes are open so i can

                       save me and save you . my eyes are open .



     2nd Verse :  You make me come alive . I feel a rush inside . As I do what is best

                      for  what lays at my feet . Better to be  open eyes then to ignore and see

                      the glitter  fecade .



    Bridge :


   finnal vesre :  Come alive , feel something inside , love never dies , open eyes

                         this is  for those who live with the scars . This is for those who pray                         

                         among  stars . Open eyes .  can you see it.  you make me come alive

                          open eyes come alive .     


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