Short songs I've written


3. Hidden

Chorus -  Its Hidden in My heart for  you

                It burns like a spark for you

                I cant lie  Im in love with you

                You can see it in my eyes when im  thinking about you


1st -  When you walk in  the room

          I feel my heart skip a beat .

           Im afraid of fallen

           fallen for you


bridge  -  your a class A kind of guy

               you drive a classic ride

               but i dont even know your name

               i just know music is in your soul


2nd  -    I want to know you

              I want you to hear  me

              Because i have something to sing

              listen to me


B- C


3rd - And when you get to know me

        you will want to show me

        you will feel that spark

        and it will light up in your heart

        and you will love me


B - C


Finnal verse  


I have your heart and you have mine

you class A kind of guy

U drive a classic car with me in your pasanger seat

They dont know whats  hidden

hidden , hidden , hidden

hidden in your eyes .


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