Second Chances

She left six months ago because she could handle making him upset because of what someone else needed her to do. Jennifer left Louis, Liam, and the rest of One Direction after making Louis horribly upset and Liam alone all over again. Liam had no other choice but to get together with another childhood friend while Jennifer dropped under the radar. What will happen if Louis finds her again? She can't keep running away from him forever.


1. Chapter One || News

Jennifer's P.O.V.

I woke up to the bright sun penetrating the cover of my eyelids, causing my to accidentally see red. My eyes fluttered open and sure enough, I blinded myself with the Arizona heat. I wasn't exactly used to the sun, per se, even though I've been in the United States for the better of half a year.

Groaning, I shut my eyes again as an attempt to regain my sight before sitting up to close the curtain. I shoved my feet into some fuzzy slippers and made my way out of my bedroom and to the downstairs kitchen. I managed to get there without tripping, which surprised me considering how clumsy I really was, and plugged in my coffee machine. It was one of those coffee machines that you plug in and the water heats up and you put one of those pre-grounded coffee beans inside the plastic cups and you press a button to get the coffee.

Once the coffee finished spilling into my ceramic Winnie the Pooh mug, I turned on the television and changed the channel from Arizona news to E! News. E! News always had something to say about celebrities including me and One Direction. I really didn't need to hear the news on me, but I was rather curious as to what was going on with my old friends, especially Louis and Liam.

I had dropped all of our connections so that none of the boys could get a hold of me and try to convince me to return. I deactivated twitter so that the boys wouldn't follow me or try to converse with me on there. I changed my number multiple times because I kept getting calls from the number I've memorized by heart, but I never knew how he kept getting my number. Everything was for the better, though, and what's good for you isn't always good for you.

It partially hurt me to leave Zayn, who was quiet most of the time. Leaving Niall and Harry was like leaving my two younger brothers that were always there for me. Leaving Liam felt even worse than when he left me for the X Factor. But having to walk out on Louis was like a thousand knives stuck all around my body.

I stopped sulking about what I had done about the boys when the E! News host had mentioned 'One Direction' for the first time this morning. My ears perked up instantly as I listened to what he had to say.

"One Direction, in other news, has found new relationships after the tragic love triangle at the beginning of the year."

I scoffed at the tv, "Tragic? A girl trying to have everything but ends up with nothing is not tragic, it's stupid and selfish."

"Although Harry Styles and Niall Horan stay single and Zayn Malik now engaged with Perrie Edwards, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have recently tweeted their relationship status!" The girl hostess had exclaimed and it showed my two favorite boys' tweets.

Liam Payne


Ecstatic to announce that I have had a date with childhood friend Sophia Smith recently!

"If you were open the picture, it was on him and said Sophia Smith on a date in a fancy place, aka and unknown location." The hostess explained to the viewers.

"Thanks, Kourtney, but on the other hand Louis Tomlinson announced that he was back together with Eleanor Calder."

Louis Tomlinson


Yes, it's all true. El and I are back together and very happy!(:

"There it is folks, Louis Tomlinson has been forgiven by ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder." The host rang on about what happened in Spring as a recap of how and why Lou and El were broken up.

I turned off the television, speechless in what I had just heard. Sophia Smith was not a childhood friend like I was; she was more of a childhood fiend. All through his life, Sophia wasn't there for Liam; I was. Sophia kept him in the friend-zone for most of our junior high life before he decided to get over her and begin to date me, his real childhood best friend.

And I doubt that Eleanor and Louis were happy together, but that's just me knowing how well the both of them didn't get along. Eleanor was in love with Louis, but Louis always had eyes for someone else, always. I never knew why she put up with him in the first place and I'll never know why she decided to go back to him even after all that had happened and how much she said she hated the both of us. Though, if you really love someone, you'd do anything to get them back. And I love Louis, but I can't ever get him back, nor do I believe it is a good idea to.

I shut off the television the moment I had finished the last bit of my coffee; I was tired of hearing about One Direction for the day. I washed out my ceramic mug and set it carefully into the dishwasher before retreating back upstairs to get ready for the day.

Before stepping into the shower, I made sure the water was scorching hot; it helps relax my muscles more if the temperature is as hot as Arizona itself, even in the Autumn. I soaked my hair thoroughly and applied hair and body wash all over the place before rinsing it out twice just to make sure I wouldn't get dandruff. I dried off and dressed in something easy, considering I would have to change when I got to the studio, and left for work.

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