Amelia Stewert was never really a girly-girl. She rides skateboards, she plays video games, watches sports with her dad, although she sings...amazingly...The only girly thing shes ever does is cheerleading. Amelia's mother died when she was 5, her dad said it was because she was very sick but i dont believe him, my older brother knows why, but he wont tell me. So i just stick to fangirling over the sexy beast that is Justin Bieber.

* P.S its my very first story so please dont judge! *


1. Description

Main Character- Amelia Jasmine Stewert

Age                  - 16

Hair Color        - Dirty Blonde

Eye color        - Green on the outside with a flower shape of brown in the middle (i know its weird but its true)

Height             - 5'3

Favorite thing to do - Sing, Dance, Cheer, Skateboard, Play video games(mostly black ops), watch sports, Write songs, Play Guitar or any instrument, And Fangirling over JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

Best Friend    - Samantha George but people call her Sam, or Sammy

Dads Name   - Dean Stewert, 37 years, Brown hair Brown eyes 6'0(Things)Sports, Food, Guitar

Brother          - Jason Stewert, 18, Brown hair, Green Eyes, 5'6, (Things)Football, Baseball , Girls


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