In those arms of mine

Zoe a 16 year old catches attention from Justin Bieber. She is a very popular girl. She has blonde hair. Perfect blue eyes. And of course the perfect boyfriend (Justin Drew Bieber)


1. Those Perfect Eyes

I was at a Justin Bieber concert for his My World Tour. Justin's beautiful eyes caught mine. My long blonde hair was up in a pony tail and I had a white pair of skinny jeans on with purple supras and a purple Justin bieber shirt. I went backstage after the concert and there he was. Standing there looking at me. I couldn't help but blush. "Hey there beautiful" Says Justin. I look over to him and scream. I was so excited. I keep my cool and walk over to him. "You have the most prettiest eyes I've ever seen" He says. "Thanks" I say, my face is red from blushing. "I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are" He says looking into my eyes. He pulls me close to him. He slips a piece of paper in my hand and I put it in my back pocket. He hugs me. That was the most amazing feeling in my life...

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